The Many Faces of Slavery and Imperialism

By Philip Amiola The world was recently taken aback by news of a London-based Nigerian doctor, Emmanuel Edet, and his wife who were found guilty of enslaving one Ofonime Sunday Inuk for 24 years. As pathetic as the case is, it is only one of many such cases, most of which never come to light. […]

Nigeria: The Dilemma Of A Nation By Philip Amiola

NIGERIA: THE DILEMMA OF A NATION By Philip Amiola   Nigeria is undoubtedly a country with great promise. On account of her favourable weather conditions and rich supply of natural resources, Nigeria was once described by my good friend, Olanike Omolehin, as a country situated in the heart of God; and I agree with her. […]

Opinion: We Are The Government By Philip Amiola

By Philip Amiola   When I wrote an article titled Failed Government or Failing Citizens in January 2013, I expected a reverberation of mixed comments. I was not disappointed. In that piece, I attempted to challenge the belief system that makes us channel our creative energies towards blaming the government rather than taking responsibility for effecting change […]

Re-writing the Nigerian Story through Youth Development

By Philip Amiola Recently, I met a bright American chap who is not favourably disposed to watching CNN because as far as he’s concerned, CNN is an acronym for Constant Negative News. I didn’t find it difficult to understand his viewpoint as I have often thought along those lines myself. Really, I believe my friend […]

Underage Marriage and the Leadership Question

By Philip Amiola I have never been more grieved about the condition of the Nigerian state. Why do our leaders continue to make us a laughingstock before the world? We were just recovering from the Governors’ Forum fracas when we were again jolted by the show of shame in Rivers State House of Assembly. Now, […]

Opinion: Revisiting the LGBT Debate

By Philip Amiola The volume of responses generated by my last article entitled, “Gays and Lesbians, We Will Not Keep Quiet!” has put me under responsibility to write a sequel to address genuine concerns raised by some of my readers. First of all, I want to state that my position on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and […]

Failed Government or Failing Citizens?

By Philip Amiola One of the easiest ways to gain popularity as a public analyst, social commentator or political observer in Nigeria today is to consistently harp on the ineptitude of the government and the resultant helplessness of the citizens. We blame the government for all our problems – insecurity, unemployment, high crime rate, ethnic […]


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