Larry Summers and the Burden of US Fed’s Monetary Policy

By Emeka Chiakwelu All things being equal, when all the dust has settled, President Obama will likely to appoint Larry Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as the chairman of Federal Reserve Bank. It will not be a big surprise to the vigilant observers who were witnessing the intensification of the process for the appointment of […]

US Fed Chairman: Summers has upper hand than Yellen

By Emeka Chiakwelu Ben Bernanke, head of Federal Reserve Bank will be completing his second term on Jan. 31st 2014. Every indication is pointing to Bernanke relinquishing the position at end of second term for he does not have the interest for third term. Probably, he will be returning to private life or returning back […]

Aliko Dangote: The Conscience of a $20 Billion Capitalist and Patriot Commentary and Analysis by AFRIPOL

African capital markets and investment landscape are quite bullish for investors; greater returns of thirty percent dividend or even more on average investment have been chronicled. With this rosy development, African capital markets have been noticed by many money managers and portfolio strategists around the world as the blue chips become so hot and sensational. […]

George W. Bush: A True and Best Friend of Africa

By Emeka Chiakwelu It does not happen often, but five living American presidents recently gathered in Dallas, Texas to dedicate George W. Bush presidential Library. Political and ideological differences notwithstanding, there was a resounding conclusion that George W. Bush policy on Africa was most effective and generous especially his endeavor to combat HIV/AIDS crisis and […]

The Economist singing Africa praises: From “Hopeless” To ” Hopeful” Africa

By Emeka Chiakwelu Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first Nigerian President used to say: “No condition is permanent.” In past decade or more, Africa with all her short comings, vulnerabilities and sufferings appeared to be in a perpetual condition of hopelessness. The disease, political unrest and poverty were making permanent residents in Africa. With these deplorable […]

Nigeria’s inflation: Making sense of the Development

By Emeka Chiakwelu The recent statistics coming from the country’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recorded an inflation rate of 9 percent in January of the first quarter 2013. The drop from 12 percent inflation rate of December 2012 to the new low at 9 percent is a breakthrough for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). […]

G-8 and Nigeria’s Oil Wealth: Corruption and Wealth of a Nation

By Emeka Chiakwelu It is all over the news that G-8 leadership gathering in Northern Ireland in June will discuss the issue of corruption in the management of Nigeria’s oil wealth. The problem of corruption in Nigeria and indeed Africa is an old and tiring story not because it has lost its importance but for […]


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