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  1. Roachas Okorocha a Lord chosing a father of imo people.he send poor to school with out paying fees .GOD BLEES HIM FOR ME


  2. Your story on Arunma Oteh is a whole tissue of lies. I advise that you always cross-check your stories before publishing.

    Kind regards.



    • Hello,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please note that the story is based on a petition written by some employees of SEC and therefore does not represent our views on this matter in any way.
      However, if you think they are not “true” you are free to write your own version of what is “true”
      Once again, thank you for your comment.



  3. Commander olufemi Eson says:

    God wil blis u people for ur good work


  4. shinyalam joseph says:

    hello nigeria got nigeria organisers u guy are doing a gud job. my name name is shinyalam joseph, i want to participate in ur talent show as an inspirational speaker/humorist. thanks


  5. New Nigerian Press, I commend you for the good job you are doing but I want to register my displeasure concerning your unbalanced stories that concerns me, Uche Rajis and the present Chief of staff to Rochas Okorocha, Eze Madumere! You did not bother to here my own side of the story, why? And why did you remove the story? It’s very unprofessional. Anyway, that is why my lawyers and I have refused to let out all our evidences, more revelations on the matter. We have shared to over 20 online media agencies who will not compromise on the latest/recent development.


  6. Why didn’t you call me to balance your story on Uche Rajis and Prince Eze Madumere’s homosexual news?




  8. Please kindly inform the minister for finance that the acting. provost federal college of agriculture ishiagu Ebonyi statet Dr. felix Anuebunwa has presently posted some account and audit staff of the college out of their department for refusing to endorse the sum of 46million naira document which the acting provost and acting bursar claimed it will be paid into the personal account of the minister for finance. it was observed the acting provost, acting bursar and Mr. Ndubuaku theophilus who is the head planning unit and also national secretary of ASURI has scanned the signature of the minister and prepared a payment voucher in her name which in an attempt to deceive other staff to endorse the payment into another account presented by mr. ndubuaku theophilus. the discovering of this fraud was followed by immediate deployment of the staff that failed to cooperate while accusing them of revealing official secret which has being going on in the college since April 2013 till date when the acting provost assumed office after sponsoring the removal of the former provost. in his failed bid to lure the staff to coperate; the acting provost revealed how he asked all the relevant directors where petitions could be sent to present five candidates for recruitments which he has perfected in last three months recruitments exercise which was neither advertised, applied or sit for an interview. He employed 210 senior staff using diamond bank plc to effect the payment of their salaries including those who are yet to report.
    He also boasted that even though some people have sent petitions to icpc and efcc; he claimed the directors who are expected to investigate his crimes have already sent their candidates for recruitment which he has perfected. He also threatened to post some staff to boko haram infested states. Please, we are calling upon the minister to come to our aid. We are suffering for blocking these monsters from using her name and denting her image before the entire people who may come across the document if perfected. For further inquiries google and read comments attached to ”corruption eating up federal college of agriculture ishiagu ebonyi state” or ”Rot in federal college of agriculture ishiagu”. They have once scanned and used the signature of wife of Mr. president to award contract to a company presented by mr ndubuaku named, ‘global growth construction company’. Investigate and prove. if the account and audit staff who are posted out of the unit are contacted, we will aid the investigation. Thanks


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This blog claims no credit for any images posted unless where otherwise stated. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to the image and it will be promptly removed.

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