Still On the Agulerization Policy of Gov. Willie Obiano

My attention has been drawn to a stringent but most unsuccessful effort made by one Ifeanyi Ofodile (Mmili) to defend Gov. Willie Obiano against the allegation of agulerizing Umueri, Otu Ocha, Anambra State, etc. In his piece posted online, Ifeanyi Ofodile ( whoever he really is notwithstanding ) presented himself as the P R O of Umueri Youth Vanguard . As politically motivated as his piece is, it only leaves more questions than answers.First, if Ifeanyi Ofodile actually hails from Umueri , he should have known ( contrary to his false claim) that Umueri has not had a traditional ruler in several years now. Now to the questions :
1.Has Ifeanyi Ofodile sighted the recent promotion letters duly signed by Nze Olisaemeka, the ASUBEB chairman and issued to beneficiaries of the exercise and not found out to his chagrin that they bear Aguleri instead of Otu Ocha which should be and had (prior to the coming of Gov Obiano and the Aguleri stampede) been the domicile of Anambra East Local Education Authority ?
2.Doesn’t Ifeanyi Ofodile realize the havoc which the Anambra East Education Secretary who is from Aguleri (one Prof. J. Onuorah), wreak on documents by ‘doctoring’ them to bear Aguleri and threatening the ASUBEB chairman, Nze Olisaemeka to submission or else he will be relieved of his post ?

3. Why will the address of Madonna Secondary ,Umueri become Aguleri this time that Chief Obiano is governor?

4.Why was Onowu Umueri prevented by Gov Obiano’s security details from breaking kola nut on Umueri land at the flag off of Umueri Airport Road and Eze Augustine of Ivite Aguleri was asked to perform that function ? To make matters worse, the Chairman of Umueri Caretaker Committee was equally prevented from reading a welcome address and copies
of his address were ordered by the governor to be destroyed so that the Press would make mention of Umueri. Meanwhile, according to a plaque authorized by Gov Obiano, the road was referred to as Aguleri Airport Road.

5. Who authorized an Aguleri lady, Okechi to change addresses bearing Umueri to Aguleri in the National Identity Card registration exercise ? She is deliberately planted in the National Identity Card Commission to do this.Again, this kind of blunder did not occur when Chief Obiano was not governor !

6. Can anyone list five, just five names out of the 40 Umueri persons who ,according to Ifeanyi Ofodile have benefited from Gov Obiano’s so called training programme?

There are numerous other questions , but let me pause here and give an opportunity to any one who can answer the
foregoing to do so.

Ikevune Anaekwe


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