Blogger Sends an Open letter to Nairaland Readers

Dear Nairalanders,

I write this with profound and unrivaled respect to the collective intelligence of ladies and gentlemen on this forum. I am in the know that this message will trigger mixed reactions. However, the basis of putting this forward lies in good faith. No intention to insult the person of anybody, but I do hold that it is almost always impossible, for a certain class of people to draw unfair inferences, all in a bid to execute and exhibit their sinister penchant for attacking the brain behind a piece of this kind. Even though I am not configured to engage in mudslinging, still, let me be quick to apologize for whatever inference you saw as insulting on your person. If you still think that it does not do, please utilise the comment box to vent your anger. Perhaps, it would be a conviction of the issues I am about to address.

Without prejudice, I must make a clean breast of the fact that people with incredible and intimidating intellectual status abound on this platform. Though, I am not in the habit of self judgment, but again, on a few occasions, I read posts and comments here that made me kowtow for certain individuals. Permit me to mention a few names: Barcanista, Carefreewannabe, Mynd and others who I may not need to mention. As a matter of fact, I had to send personal messages to some to express that their posts brought ripples of hope, even in this porous society we found ourselves.

Without working myself to a white flame on the issues, let me bring forth my concerns. In recent time, this forum has gone through a recycling process- from a forum of convincing news item, mentally daring articles, worthwhile issues and issues-base opinion to a den of not well thought out opinions, news item bereft of knowledge and launching of literal missiles. Easy, I am neither against items that are socially appealing nor am I aggrieved by those jokes of Airforce1 and the host of others. I am only wondering what Tonto Dikeh’s new tatoo and Tiwa Savage’s outfit to an event has added to any unprejudiced member of this forum.

For me and other average persons- from Nigeria to Algeria, Azerbaijan to Afghanistan, Cuba to Czech, Vatican to Saudi Arabia and even Mecca to Jerusalem, we are the reflection of our thoughts and actions. Those thoughts that morphed into actions grew from what we were taught, what we read, what we experienced and what we believe. Obviously, Nairaland has the ability to influence in these lines. Unfortunately, most of the content members and guests feed on in recent times cannot make a good father, a distinguished lover, a diplomat, a gentleman or even a good leader. I observed with enthralled responsiveness how this same forum made a mockery of Mr. President when he misplaced fact that ‘stealing is no corruption.’ Come on! If this trend continues, this forum cannot produce a better leader if such to-be leader reads and digests every content here.

For those in the tradition of mounting Seun’s platform to tell us ’10 ways to know a lady is a whore,’ ‘5 ways to know a guy is cheating on you,’ ‘how to spot a lady desperate for a boyfriend’ and the laughable plethora of topics in that line, does it ever occur to you that your life is not an apt litmus test for that of thousands on this forum? Sadly, young ladies and gentleman read that and believe it. They go back and adjudged their lovers as cheats, whores, broke and hopeless. Common issues that should be resolved to make a state of affair with the other party better, self acclaimed logicians and experts with hunger for relevance make a big deal out of it. Yet, we leave this societal time bomb to make a mockery of our leaders. Among other stages, getting tailored to suit the daunting task of being the man or woman also requires knowing what is up on forums like this. Forget that Seun runs here, anything that will make the front page comes from the contribution of members. He cannot go on a spree of searching for the honest man with the stolen lantern we keep offering him. However, I have observed that Seun has an immoderate penchant for traffic. He understands that ‘ridiculous’ contents attract the majority of the readers, so he is okay with the mess on the front page. Good! Provided his goal on this forum is short term-make money and get wound up when a forum that understands this concept better comes. I can sell an idea for a person on how to beat Seun at this- just get a forum this famous, post more of quality and intelligent contents, you attract more sophisticated people, less unrefined people & worthwhile income. One elite with a passion for great articles can fetch you what 10 young people with zeal for unnecessary content can’t afford. A successful business man will most unlikely not ignore a headline that reads ‘5 tips to achieving your goals’ for ’10 ways to identify a virgin.’

My kind of orientation was that it is better to be checked for silence than be taxed for words. Amazingly, people open their e-mouths to spew the unimaginable and get celebrated for it here. This is neither African nor civilised. Nothing big starts big- the world wars started from a mere selfish thoughts of individuals, Nigeria was birth by the determination to have a nation. It may look like a mere social jokes and whatever excuse we may want to give, but quote me, if you can’t comment intelligently here without insulting the next man, you cannot put a house or a nation in order. It is a reflection of the diminish in the ability to think and create solutions to common problems. People seek solace in insult when their pouch of logic is empty. I would have suggested that the age 18 embargo be made a minimum requirement here, but this concern is no juvenile intoxication.

Consider people who cannot think on their own in anything you write. Be fair enough to know that the lady dumped you because of your own fault or something worthwhile and not because she was a whore. Stop prejudicing minds and compounding the problems of this nation. Moderators, please do well not to massage your ego by thinking all your posts or that of your friends should make the front page. Some of us do not care whether we do or not, but we know topics that deserve it the best.

No lady would come out to admit that she was wrong to break up with a guy because of razz tips by another lady who is not too fortunate to have a blissful relationship. No guy would be man enough to admit that the lady she was made to see as a whore by a piece here is nothing near that.

Finally, I beg of you again, pardon me. Not for this observation, but for the twisted message your online nature might have made you see. I understand that some people are intellectually less gifted than others, you may call the next man to help you understand my message. If you feel like insulting me, please do. I am deft at pretending not to see comments that hold no value.

Omoni ‘Toye Olusanmi.

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