Obi’s Aide Disagrees with Anambra Commissioner over State of Sports in Anambra State


The Media aide to Mr. Peter Obi , the former Governor of Anambra State, has disagreed with the Anambra State Commissioner for Sports, Mr. Tony Nnaecheta, on the state of sporting infrastructure in Anambra State. Reacting to the statement by the Commissioner describing what the administration of Chief Willie Obiano met on ground in sports as a shame, Mr. Valentine Obienyem said either the Commissioner was misquoted or it was plain case of a person who lacks the capacity to convey his thoughts the best way they should without endangering facts.
Obienyem said that Mr. Peter Obi was the only Governor Anambra State had in the past that worked in all sectors. “By the time he became Governor, no aspect of the state was working. In sports, Anambra State laid prostrate, but today through the efforts of Mr. Obi the State now has three mini stadia- Justice Ikpeazu Stadium, Onitsha South Stadium and Awka stadium ( on- going). Obii rehabilitated the Ime Obi and Rojenny stadium at Onitsha and Oba respectfully. Obi reintroduced school sports in the State and from 15th position in 2011 Anambra came 5th in 2012 and 3rd in National School sports in 2013. Anambra won Gold Medals in both male and female National Youths Sports Federation ( YSFON), in 2012 that qualified Anambra to represent Nigeria at the World Youths Sports Federation held in Oslo, Norway. In May 2013, Anambra funded Anambra footballers to World pre-season tournament at Antalia, Turkey, where 6 Anambrarians were selected for professional careers in Europe. Obi initiated the first ever Governor’s Unity Cup and the first Traders Cup in 2013. Obi initiated the first disabled sports competition in the State. He hosted the Flying Eagles twice and placed members of Old Rangers on monthly stipends, provided buses for them, the Ministry of Sports, Anambra State Chapter of Nigerian National Supporters Club, and the National Youth Council. Rather than acknowledge this and try to build on them and even surpass them, all Nnaecheta could say was to describe the state of sporting facilities as shameful. When prominent person in the state said they voted the present Governor because of Obi’s work in the State, what does the Commissioner think they were saying?”, Obienyem asked.

Obienyem who recalled that Justice Ikpeazu Stadium that prompted the Commissioner’s reaction was built over seven years ago said he thought that continuity meant amending, expanding or even shortening parts of the stadium when necessary, which he noted was in sync with development elsewhere, and not the ill-motivated condemnation as could be detected from the Commissioner’s words. “I do not think the Commissioner did a background study of his Ministry before taking off, which is actually what good administrators do. If he did, he would have known that the Onitsha Local Government Headquarters was knocked down and relocated for Obi to construct the stadium under reference”, Obienyem submitted.
Regretting what he called “a misleading report by a Commissioner”, Obienyem said it was bad that in the midst of many false stories on Anambra on social media, a Commissioner would fuel belief in those rumour by his verbal indiscretion.”is this not the case of seeing chaos rising and adding to it”, Obienyem asked.

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