Open Appeal To Our Gov. Maduabuchukwu Obiano By Mazi Odera

MY candid APPEAL from the heart.
I come to you once again because i wanted you to succeed as our Governor ,i decided to make this open letter since all the private ones i sent to you where never acknowledged ,starting from during the campaign and after.
Dear Governor ,i am happy to tell you that i kept late nights ,working round the clock during election ,was on the campaign train throughout without exception and i did my duties very well and very hard.
I worked seriously not because i know you ,i refused to work with you initially because i never heard of you and will not like to associate with one that may end up giving our state a bad name,but a friend who has gained my utmost respect in media with your predecessor prevailed on me to help ,i told him that my choice from Anambra North lies with another because i have seen what he can do ,but he begged me that since OKWUTE brought you that you must be exceptional ,so i joined your campaign starting from Alaba Electrical in Lagos and you know the rest.
Me and that young man keep late nights making sure that no negative news will tarnish your candidature,he works like a camel never gets tired and he dragged me with such zeal and commitment but that is discussion for another day,which i am sure you never even called him to say THANK YOU VAL for that sacrifice,if that young man had relented just for 5 minutes during election and campaign,,,,,hmmm ,well that is just for another day.
Sir,now i have a great fear and, i am trembling with utter fear on what will happen if you did not cross check your friends and well wishers and do some radical changes,let me phrase it this way.
Currently the man that has taking over as your adviser and godfather has no good record or any friend who has lasted the distance,he may have plotted your coming into politics but cross check the intent of his heart and see if he means well or it is all about his personal gains ?.
Same person was closer to Imo state Governor who was an APGA GOVERNOR ,his emerging as the Governor was for the simple reason that GRAND FATHER IKEMBA went with OKWUTE NDI IGBO and they stood up and say let it be,he won and became a power that people depended upon when he was listening to his godfathers ,because they meant well ,he started doing some great moves until the same man that has perched beside you gained him as source ,since then his glorious entry took a nose dive and the man has been confused which drove him into APC and the journey of NO SECOND TERM is imminent .
The friend in question has also made better promises to smarter people and i won,t waste time telling you what transpired ,after all you have your own sources but let make some few names ,so you can check how they started and how they all ended up, and you can now understand if you can prevail against him..
CHIEF PATRICK IFEANYI UBAH was hailed as the next unstoppable Governor ,he lured the young man with so much promises that he nearly develop stroke when it downed on him that he stood no chance of winning local government election talkless of what he was promised.Then he must have spent enough money that would,ve made him the President of any African country .
PROF CHARLES SOLUDO was promised an express Gubernatorial ticket of same APGA ,then he paid cash upfront with the great hope that the person that is selling him the ticket is the Alpha and Omega ,well after collecting the money from ISUOFIA GREAT SON ,he kicked him into touch as usual and ,let me not mention the romance and promise to CHIEF NICHOLAS UKACHUKWU and should i talk about the alliance with IYOM UCHE EKWUNIFE and the great promise that she must be the first elected female Governor in Nigeria ? ,well for the third time He taught her political lessons.
Now let,s go back to the reconciliation he had with the man that brought him from nothing to prominence ,the reconciliation was a back breaker to APGA and many of us ,we were perplexed and flabbergasted ,our gas run dry ,we opened mouth without air coming out of it ,but we said ,,well if APGA win we all have won.
Sir, you can see how the man in question swerved Royalty immediately the election result was announced and declared you the winner ?,if he can do that to all this people ,sir think about what he can do to you when the chips are down ?
Imagine the big gulf he created between you and your predecessor to the extent that good morning between two of you is just to fool the camera,does it suppose to be so ? is he not the man that was elected ? if you want me to tell you the truth 95% of NDI ANAMBRA voted for Okwute but since he cannot stand a third term ,they believe that anything he brought must be as good as he is,but how wrong are we ?.
Sir,my old man will always say “nwoke gburu dibia na agworu ya ogwu,ndi na ako ya nsi fa agwu go ?”[the man that killed his witch doctor ,has he ran out of nemesis and enemies ?],i remember that IKEMBA ndi Igbo ,Nwoke teghete ,Dim Emeka Ojukwu godfathered your predecessor and the predecessor did not for one day turned his back on him even unto death.
My Father will also say “Nwa mkpi ga eje ogu ,ekwo kpoo ya nku” ,i will say na nnunu isi akaro aka adiro eje ogu oturukpokpo [a bird with fragile skull does not challenge a Wood pecker to a fight].
Sir,if there is any person that will help you to turn the fortune of the state around ,if there is any person that will drag the hearts of the state ,forget the current people that is limiting your Governance to [ANYI BU NDI AGULERI] you are not Igwe Aguleri but the Governor of the state ,you need the heart and soul of those that voted you into power.If you embrace back the ICON that gave you that ladder ,i believe in my heart of heart that some of this early blunders will never happen.He understands how to relate to Churches ,like the blunder that happened at Nkwele Ezunaka would,nt happen if he where consulted ,for i know that he won,t send anybody ,he will go by himself in the day ,at night and in the morning and with such humility that nobody can say no after looking at his calm but calculated face.
I won,t like to mince words telling you that AGREEING to that JJJ summit in AWKA was a very very bad political suicide even against self ,you can see how even the PDP derided it and APGA stakeholders hiding in shame ,then the worst on that outing which i suspect was the reason that money were wasted was the AUTOMATIC TICKET you handed over to Sir Victor Umeh ,it has never happened in APGA and will not happen if not that he must have made you do what you did not think about. By that act alone so many APGA faithfuls in Anambra central Senatorial Zone will definately conclude na ukwa ana api na mkpuru adiro ya .Sir,why not ask him to bring the APGA NWC for you to have a session with them and hear them tell you the path APGA is towing ?.
I wrote you after election begging you to reconcile both FACTIONS of APGA ,including Maxi Okwu and Sir Umeh but nothing happened ,sir ,we love you and want you to succeed and what we wish you is the best but onye agwalu kwe agwa ya ozo.
HIS EXCELLENCY SIR,i will sincerely advise as a subject ,a man that gave his all for your campaign at his own personal expense ,as a man with passion for Anambra state and Alaigbo ,i beg you with whatever you hold sacred to allow SIR VICTOR UMEH sorry to tell him to move down to APGA HEAD QUARTERS in ABUJA ,let him give you breathing space to govern the state ,following you round the state even i suspect to urinal will be making you uncomfortable ,he is attracting enemies and negativity to you and i will be quite frank with you ,if he gets to Senate riding on your back and resources ,you will learn the lesson you,ve not learn all through your Civil service .
Sir,it is not too late to go back to OKWUTE NDI IGBO ,let me tell you that Ndi Anambra are not blind ,they see and they hear things ,the day Okwute will come back to the state and showcase on your events,the day he will follow you to functions and not the one both of you will meet at burial and smile for the Camera,that will be the day you will have a greater peace in your mind and start the journey of fruitful political future.
Sir,there are not many IDIOTS like me in any state who will be frank enough to tell you or Okwute this because they will be fearing for their lives and or that of wealth ,but my joy starts and ends with doing the right thing.
I worked whole heartedly during Obi,s tenure especially the second part, not for Peter Obi after all we all know that spending or giving is not his strong point ,i worked and danced for him and will continue because of what he did to my own ANAMBRA state ,i thought i was the only idiot who sees it, but from reaction of people in the state and Elites in Nigeria ,i know i was not wrong and we are not wrong and i will beg you to tap into that Enigma ,i am sure he will not ask you for any penny or kobo or for appointment of anybody ,instead he will take you by his hand and lead you to a land of joy ,just to show that he made no errors electing you and that his legacy for a better state is maintained.
Your Truly
Mazi Odera

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