Opinion: Gov Obiano and His Media Team, Please Take Heed!

By Mazi Odera

For Christ Sake! Where do they get this Brand New Morons that dance on the Social Media all claiming to defend Gov Obiano while they truly are digging serious political grave for him? This present crop of ikwurigbas are trying very hard to drag Gov Obi into this and they did not bring into focus that the same Obi made Gov Obiano and did not ask him for anything or position to anybody .
Did they not know that people will start asking ‘maka nnunu ebeghi ebe nyuo ogu akpana’? In my hood, I have never seen a man that challenged his Chi to a wrestling match and come out with white shirts untainted.
Somebody should tell this ‘umuazi enwero uche’ that bringing enmity between the works of Okwute and Gov Willie should be a calamity for Willie.

Though I won’t be surprised if Chief Umeh is financing this attack, so that ‘ana adighi nma ga bu uru ya’ as always, but he should know that he is now about to step into politics and he will enjoy the measures he meted to others.
Now this brand new Ikwurigbas are dancing, jumping and pumping muscle that is not even up to that of a fowl; who told them that the tactics they were applying will help them one tiny bit?
Come with me: they accused Elombah.com of chasing after media job and did not get it. If that is true, is it a crime? ‘Ndi nwetalu that job fa ebu isi iri?’ if you say he is not good, then he is showing now how good he may be as opposition and the best way to address it is not by bringing this particles of morons who will jump inn with all the zippers open and flying the ‘nadike ogbogu’ and pontificating to high and low places.
I thought what they should have done is to defend Willie with the works he has done and not to drag enemies to him. For instance, in one of the tirades one of them tried to drag me into it, but my fear is that either ‘na odi ezigbo nzuzu’ or that he was paid to nail Willie on the cross because if I decide to fight back, cheiiiiiii! I will be a terrible nightmare. It is not flexing muscle but what I know that I can do. I will not have myself be an opposition to myself, how much less of the Governor that I put in my best to ensure he won.
Okwute Ndigbo did not buy my untainted support, which is unalloyed. I gave him my support because of the job he did for my state and which whenever I came to Naija and my state, driving from place to place makes me feel like I belong because of great road networks. If I am to ask for the monetary reward, it will not be pennies and nickels; but is that the essence of life? Well, thank God that I have been eating before the meeting ,so no need to be a hurry for item 7 but somebody should tell Okwute that if he calls now, I will take with good smile after all I worked for it [chei, Mazi aba go commercial!].
The acute ikwurigba even accused Valentine Obienyem also; little did the idiot know that I would have started punching and shoving for a long time but for the pleadings of that same Val who said that I should give Gov Obiano time to adjust; that he needs at least one year to get things going for his government, and I adhered.
Now see how this unbranded ikwurigbas all confirmed that whatever Elombah.com wrote was right but that his anger is the simple reason that he was not appointed into position. People close to Willie should please tell him to drag this idiots away from keyboard; they should stop threatening an old woman after all they cannot tell what made her old in the first place and somebody should help and slap some sense into those Morons on my behalf because ‘agadi nwanyi adiro aka nka na egwu omalu agba’.
Finally, if this recruited 3 idiots wants to play with pebbles while living in a glass house, I should advise they seek the consent of the Landlord ,because the returned pebbles might be BRICKS soaked with Fuel . Enough said as this is friendly advice , next won’t be that friendly; it will be a testing ground.

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