Press Release : Obi did not leave #75billion naira – By Chief (sir) Tony Orator KSJ

10509608_577436662361688_9059061349623642841_nLast week has seen the baptism of fire from those that hate good things and good governance in Anambra State from the way they have attacked and are still attacking Gov. Willie Obiano aka “Willie is Working”. I have used an available resources to trace some of the write up to Mr. Valentine Obienyen, the media aid to ex Go Obi using one of his many pseudo names. We know that those who live in glass house should not throw stones. You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew and make your mark.

I challenge Mr. Valentine Obienye to a public debate either on ABS Radio and TV or Channel TV on just two major topics/issues namely:
1. How much did Gov Peter Obi leave for Gov Obiano.
2. How are contracts awarded under Gov Obi and Gov Obiano

To help Mr. Val Obienye prepare for the debate, I would go further to make some elucidating points here that calls for rebuttal.

1. How much did Gov Peter Obi leave for Gov Obiano
We are know Gov Peter Obi famous deceit to all the world that Anambra State owes nobody any kobo and that he left the sum of #75billion naira for Gov Obiano to take off with. This are all tissues of lies and it is high time Gov Obiano come clean with the actual figures and stop protecting Gov Peter Obi. The fact still remains that Anambra State are in debt and paying what was even borrowed under Gov. Peter Obi. I happen to know these facts through some of the ex-commissioners who lobbied for Gov.Obiano to retain them but unfortunately they were all sacked except few. Anambra State is in debt and Gov.Obiano is paying back some of the debts. I was reliably informed by my source that Gov. Obiano refused to sign the handover note from Gov Obi on that account until 1 hour to the inauguration ceremony after spirited pleas by Catholic Bishops and some powerful traditional rulers. Gov. Obiano insisted that the true state of the treasury should be declared
and the mantra of #75billion naira and no debts should stop as a precondition of signing the handover note. Gov Peter Obi agreed but at Ekwueme Square, the diehard Gov Peter Obi still told the world that Anambra ‘state is richer by
#75billion naira and no debt. The true state of affairs is that the state has no money and Gov Peter Obi milked the state dry before leaving office. The proceeding during the handover committee meeting would reveal that none of the commissioners were able to answer questions on the real financial position of their ministry except Gov Peter Obi, if you are in doubt ask the SSG- Oseloke Obaze who is the chairman of the committee for the records under Freedom of Information Bill. Mr. Val Obienye you knew the gospel truth that the House of Assembly were very angry with Gov Obi and they threaten to expose him but Gov Obiano went to US to talk to them. You knew very well that there was no money in the purse, so there was no money to buy any alleged house in US for the lawmakers. You also knew that the emptying of the treasury by Gov Peter Obi was the sole reason why he did not come to Anambra State for the past 4 months since Gov Obiano took charge b/c of
fear of the anger of the House of Assembly members.
I will not say much here but to restate my challenge to you for a public debate.
2. How are contracts awarded under Gov Obi and Gov Obiano. So far Gov Obiano has shown transparency as we have read from his aids. It is therefore left for anybody with real evidence to convict him on the write up by his aids. It is left for any executing contractor in the state to let us know the terms of the contracts Gov Obiano has awarded. In the absence of any contrary view, I think he is home dry while I can’t say so under Gov Peter Obi. Under Gov Peter Obi, every contractor returns 25% to the Governor. During his last days in office, we all witness the spate of father Xmas award and flagging off road contracts here and there and other infrastructures and massive donations to churches and schools without any supervision. This is how Gov Peter Obi was able to build more roads than Gov Ngigi but inferior road quality compared to Ngigi. I listened to Gov Obiano speech during his 100 days in office when he spoke about all new roads he would
build, that they would come with all road furniture’s and he explained them to include street markings, deep gutters/drainages and street lights to the jubilation of Anambra people. He also said in that address that Awka Express under construction which was a federal road but Anambra State has taken over under Gov Peter Obi was for 2 lanes on each side but he has requested and approved by state exco that it would be 3 lanes on each side with a service lane and all modern road furniture. This singular act did not go down well with Gov Peter Obi I was told. Recently Gov Obiano flagged off the construction of the 3 flyover and a tunnel at Awka to the dislike of Gov Peter Obi. What nobody dream of doing, Gov Obiano is doing it in a way that nobody expected or even imagine that Awka very soon would wear a different look.
Mr. Val Obienye, I challenge you on this two topics. If you fail to honour this challenge, I would write more revealing information.

I owe it to Anambra people as a Knight of the Catholic Church not to allow falsehood and selfish political interest destroy a man and his family. We owe it to our children no to allow the good reputation that was built over the years to be destroyed by some cabal in the name of party politics b/c Gov Obiano is doing well and we are the sole judge for it. While I appreciate some of the good works Gov Obi did, it is sad to send Gov Obiano to the market with salt and conjure rain.My challenge still stand

Chief (sir) Tony Orator KSJ

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