APGA lawmakers’ Defection: Peter Obi Replies Victor Umeh

ex-Gov. Peter Obi

ex-Gov. Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi has reacted to a media report credited to the Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh, that he (Obi) is behind the recent defection of APGA lawmakers to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Reacting through his Media aide, Mr. Valentine Obienyem said that even till today, Mr. Peter Obi remained the face of APGA and a consistent APGA member.. If Obi had not stayed in court to regain his mandate, to fight his impeachment, to seek tenure interpretation, there would have been no APGA today. If he had not supported the present Governor under APGA, the Party would have ceased to exist. He saw the party to its second tenure in Anambra and in the end handed over to an APGA elected Governor. During electioneering, Anambra people, including Umeh said APGA won because of Obi’s work in the State. Even when he was asked by Presidents of Nigeria to leave the party, he refused, the most recent being losing being appointed a Minister because he refused to join another party. Just in December, Sir Victor Umeh presented the most Consistent and Trustworthy Party Man’s Award to Obi. It is therefore unfortunate for anybody in Nigeria of today to call Mr. Peter Obi an ingrate, not to talk of APGA members.
Obi came to Anambra State and asked if the state was cursed or if Anambrarians were the cause. He thereafter promised to restore the State, the rebuild education and other infrastructure, to put Anambra on sound financial footing, to dismantle the parasites that fed fat on the State, to re-orientate the people of the State through right conduct. He achieved all that. Today Anambra State is better of.
Obi fulfilled his promises to everybody, including Chief Victor Umeh who is far far far better than he used to be before he met Obi.
Those who are ingrates are those who said he would become the Leader and Chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees, which could have been ratified the next day, but failed to do so for their selfish reasons.
Obi remains an APGA member and has only resigned from being the Leader and BOT designate, which was under perpetual process of being formalized. When does an option to reject the bishopric and become an ordinary member a sign of ingratitude?
As for those who left the party, it is an insult for anybody to accuse old men and women of being under Obi’s spell for that is the implication of saying that Obi was behind that.

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  1. ikemefuna says:

    The sooner the better Victor Umeh’s term of office as Chairman expires the better for APGA and Anambra state. He is a trouble maker, greedy and selfish man. Good riddance to him.


  2. Osinachi Ekeocha says:

    OBI remains the APGA BOT and the Leader of APGA, This accusation and counter accusation is not what we need now in APGA, PETER OBI is a young great Igbo leader, Umeh must show him some respect. OBI is the number one Leader currently in BIAFRA. If winning Imo state is important to Umeh and APGA,Umeh should apologize to Obi now because of CAPTAIN EMMANUEL IHENACHO guber ambition.


  3. onyi kelvin says:

    let GOD help anambranian and torchi people aroud the governor to work with the governor


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