Press Release: Re-Prosecute Sir Jude Ejiogu Now Over Murder Of U.S Based Promoter: An Allegation From The Pit Of Hell

Re-Prosecute Sir Jude Ejiogu Now Over Murder Of U.S Based Promoter: An Allegation From The Pit Of Hell

The leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Emekuku Ward 1 & 2, Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State has been drawn to the shocking and despicable publication on the front page through the page three of the ‘Community Watch-Dog Newspaper’ of Tuesday, July 29th-31st, 2014 with the caption, “MURDER OF U.S BASED PROMOTER: PROSECUTE SIR JUDE EJIOGU NOW” by a faceless group known as “NOEL: BRING THE KILLERS TO JUSTICE COALITION” claiming to have formally petitioned the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission on the matter.

Usually, we would not have bothered to join issues with the publishers of the dastardly report but owing to its magnitude, we hereby set the records straight while debunking the publication.

1. The death of Prince Noel Unegbu would have been a very painful one to any average Imolites who know what it means to lose a young promising Imo citizen.

2. From information available to us, Late Prince Noel Unegbu was living in Houston Texas, United States of America but DELIBERATELY came to Nigeria in preparation for his youth empowerment project known as “IMO GOT TALENT HUNT” season two billed for February 24th for (Orlu), 25th for (Owerri) and 26th for (Okigwe) zones respectively in the year 2014.

3. It is very painful and shocking that Sir Jude Ejiogu who was not in any business with “IMO GOT TALENT HUNT SHOW’ powered by the deceased or contesting any issue with Late Prince Noel Unegbu could be said to have hand in the dastardly act.

4. With utmost respect and loyalty, we wish to state here that our only leader in Owerri zone, Sir Jude Ejiogu is not known for violence and could not have been linked with the painful exit of the young man whom every good Imolites should have teamed up to condemn in unison rather than casting aspersion on anyone.

5. It is significant to affirm here that anyone claiming that Sir Jude Ejiogu had a hand in the death of Late Prince Noel Unegbu is not only insinuating offensively but an allegation from the pit of hell which is wicked and attracts the wrath of God for politicizing the painful exit of a promising Imo son!

6. As Christians and party leaders, it is pertinent to condemn in strong term the idea of some individuals in government to use death of fellow human beings as instrument of political campaign against possible rivals with a view to scoring cheap political relevance.

7. If we may ask peddlers of this wicked report, how could the Chief of Staff, a role model would have directly or indirectly connived with enemies of progress to kill a child that was ever ready to upgrade the status of Imo youths? God forbid!

8. May we humbly refer to peddlers and publishers of this trash against the revered Imo Chief of State as the main culprits in this case since they claim to know his closeness with the deceased, all in a bid to smear his image. Police should intensify more investigation on the matter maybe, the romour mongers were monitoring Late Prince Noel Unegbu’s where about while alive.

9. It is worthy of note and sensible to inform the said coalition that days after the murder of this young man, Imo State was awash with publications on national, local newspapers and the social media about the arrest of the alleged killers of Prince Unegbu.

10. Furiously also, we wish to ask these ‘hired media assassins’ whose stock in trade is to use the death of an Imo citizen to stain the image of the Chief of Staff lost interest in the ongoing investigation by security agents?

11. Is the sudden exit of the young man more emotive to them than the Chief of Staff who is a father?

12. Nevertheless, it is reasonable here to advice the said purported “NOEL: BRING THE KILLERS TO JUSTICE COALITION” and Publishers of the newspaper to instead of alleging maliciously and deliberately in order to malign the COS image to use every legal means to urge security agents to fast-track investigation in order to uncover more truth relating to the killing.

13. May we submit that as the matter is still undergoing thorough investigation, we shall consider it unpatriotic and unintelligent to continue to talk on the issue until security investigation is concluded.

In view of this, it is copiously clear that the said publication was targeted at smearing Sir Jude Ejiogu’s glaring image by refusing to acknowledge his good works in making Imo Youths result oriented.

Let it be known that no amount of falsehood or negative media campaign will deter the Chief of Staff the role of empowering and adding value to Imolites residing both within and in the Diaspora through proper engagement and non-violent initiatives.

As leaders of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Emekuku ward 1 & 2, we hereby warn sponsors of this heinous act against our son and leader, Sir Jude Ejiogu for selfish political reasons to desist forthwith or be exposed since their identities have been revealed.

Finally, we hereby appeal to the general public to disregard the misleading publication as it was a module meant to bring Sir Ejiogu’s image to disrepute while we persuade the Chief of Staff to use every LEGAL MEANS to compel publishers of the newspaper to retract and apologize as the truth may come out from them at last.

Mr. Patrick Anyanwu (RASAK)
(APC Chairman)

Mr. Austin Kemakolam
(APC Secretary)

Mr. Emeka Mbakwem
(Youth Leader)

Madam Monica Osuji
(Woman Leader)

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