Press Release: Our Position on The Ogoni UNEP Report Implementation – MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum

The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum met today and deliberated on
critical issues affecting the Ogoni especially the implementation of
the UNEP report which was released nearly three years ago.

As we may all know, recent calls for the implementation of the UNEP
report had been devoid of objectivity with some individuals condemning
the report and at the same time calling for it’s implementation.

Like the “#BringBackOurGirls” demonstrations, the UNEP report has
become another source of blind criticism against the federal
government without an objective look at critical inhibitions against
the report’s implementation.

The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum resolved as follows after very
careful and objective reflection of the situation:

1. The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum expressed concern about a
possible diversion of Ogoni clean-up funds into political party
activities in Rivers State especially the All Progressive Congress.
Our fear is precipitated on the fact that the leadership of the
HydroCarbon Pollution and Restoration Project(HYPREP), the federal
government agency overseeing the implementation of the Ogoni cleanup
report is a well known ally of the Rivers State governor. The HYPREP
Boss has been linked to a failed road project linking the Ogoni
community of Biara to the Mile 30 axis of the Saakpenwa-Bori road.
This puts the credibity of the HYPREP leadership to question. We are
concerned about the possibility that she could be blackmailed into
compromising because of obvious deficiencies and to avoid a possible
government probe.

2. We maintain that Governor Amaechi who is presently implementing a
genocidal programme against the Ogoni people with the denial of land
used for subsistence farming by over 30,000 Ogoni community dwellers
does not have the moral right to speak for the Ogoni. Let Governor
Amaechi see to the completion of his abandoned road projects in Gokana
and all over Ogoni, let him implement the water projects he promised
the four Ogoni local government areas, let him resume the supply of
potable water he promised Ogoni in 2011 after the release of the UNEP
report, let Amaechi address the issues of sponsored community
conflicts in Ogoni and let Amaechi forget about the possibility of the
use of Ogoni cleanup funds for the 2015 elections.

3. We are convinced that HYPREP as presently constituted does not have
the required credibility to oversee the implementation of the Ogoni
cleanup report.

4. The MOSOP Coordinators Forum calls on the Nigerian government to
halt all processes regarding the Ogoni UNEP report implementation
until the 2015 elections are concluded. This we believe is to
safeguard a possible abuse of the cleanup funds.

We urge all Ogonis to disregard any insidious means which could be
deployed to force them out for any demonstration calling for the
implementation of the UNEP report.

Frank Jonah
Chairman, MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum
Bori, Ogoniland.

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