Opinion: Imo House Of Assembly Probe Panel: Two Months After!

Imo Speaker, Uwajumogu

Imo Speaker, Uwajumogu




How long will they kill our prophets? So the legendry Raggae STAR Bob
Marley queried. How long will the Imo electorates wait to get answers
to the numerous unanswered questions raised around the numerous
allegations leveled against Imo’s 3rd citizen of the state Rt. Hon
Benjamin Uwajumogu and most of his Aides? For the records, Speaker
Uwajumogu as a face saving device or strategy set up a panel to
investigate allegations of fraud and corruption leveled against him by
his former Aide and strategist, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. The
panel which was set up on the 27th of March 2014 was mandated to
submit the report to the Speaker within 30 days. It is now two months
and nobody has heard from the panel. The chairman of the panel is Hon.
Barr. Ikenna Emeh. At this point, let me state in clear terms that the
integrity and credibility of the entire Imo State House of Assembly is
at stake whether the 6 – man panel submits its report or not. Since
the panel did not adjourn sine die, Imo people are therefore wondering
why they cannot submit its report.
Already Governor Okorocha has done the work of the panel by going on
Local Government Assessment tours and confirming some of the
allegations of Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha and ordering for the
arrest and detention of Imo Speaker’s aides. Also the Governor
discovered that a member of the panel Hon, Stan Dara and five other
members were involved in Road contract scams; hence the panel cannot
come out with any credible report. Which way forward, Ladies and
Gentlemen Honourables? Should Imo remain like this? What were the
campaign promises of these Honourable members to their various
constituencies before being elected? How are their various
constituencies looking at their current desire to be voted in again
for a second round of “Go and Chop”, Go and “Build Hotels”, instead of
Go and legislate for the Democratic interest of these constituencies?
Are there compelling needs to have these Honourables back to their
legislative seats? The outcome of their much awaited probe panel will
go a long way in building enough confidence in these group of
Honourables that innocently knelt down before their various
constituencies to be allowed to answer members representing XYZ
Shakespare is vindicated by asserting that “loneliness is a young and
ambitious ladder, whither the climber upwards turns his face and
spurns the base degree from which he or she did ascend”. The
revelation of Citizen Samuelson has therefore put the Rt. Hon Speaker,
the speaker’s Aides and the Hon. Members to public ridicule. While
these people are now up, Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha is with the ladder
of which the speaker, his aides and the Hon. Members can neither climb
higher, nor come down. The whole World now sees the specific
underpants caused by their inability to bite. Up till this moment,
there is no official statement from the Imo State House of Assembly
(Housing those we voted in) concerning the allegations of corruption
which the Governor has already confirmed. Where is the House committee
chairman on Information and Due Process, Dr. Acho Ihim? Nigerians and
the International Community are waiting for him to make official
statement on behalf of the Imo State House of Assembly. But before Dr.
Acho Ihim comes out with any official statement, he should explain to
Nigerians and to the International Community why he was indicted and
should explain the circumstances surrounding the said embezzlement of
forty eight million, two hundred and sixty nine thousand, two hundred
and seventy four naira twenty nine kobo (N48, 269, 274.29) of his
Local Government where he was the Chief servant, in 2006.
The probe panel would therefore do Imo citizens, Nigerians and
International Community a lot of good, if they submit their so called
report to the Speaker who is being accused in the matter and they
should make their report public so as to help the Imo electorates who
will be deceived again in 2015 to vote, to know the quality, character
and caliber of law makers we elected, to then mirror it to those of
them now angling to represent their various constituencies at Imo
State House of Assembly. If I myself writing this Article is a THIEF
and a Scammer, I humbly beg my constituency to vote me out, prosecute
me and jail me if possible. Remember “Former Egyptian President Hosni
Mubarak and his two sons have been jailed for defrauding the people of
Egypt. Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert was equally jailed. SO NO
As 2015 general election draws closer, the Imo Law makers should know
that the political under wears (political pants and singlets) of those
who have alienated themselves from their various constituencies, and
those who have defrauded Imo tax payers, are hanging outside, and so
much stains have been seen on some of them. It is not too late to make
amends. If this Panel continues to Rigmarole on the Issues Raised by
the social crusader, then they would have succeeded in confirming what
Citizen Ikenna Samuelson called – APRIL FOOLS PANEL; which is very,
very bad indeed. Why can’t the Imo state House of Assembly overcome
Citizen Ikenna Samuelson? Why have they allowed the activist, to
overwhelm them with his crusade? IF NOTHING IS DONE WITHIN 72 HOURS,


29th May, 2014
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