Community leaders Accuse NNPC of Conspiring with AGIP to Dump Toxic Waste in their Community

                                                    Press Release:
NNPC Alleged To Have Delibrately Ordered Agip To Neglect Abalagada Oil Commumnity of Delta State, Dumping Toxic Waste In The Community

Abalagada is a community in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State. Abalagada is located along the River Niger and a Host Community (Land Lord) to NAOC Ltd. Since 1970 Agip has been operating in our land undisturbed. As at now, Agip has two viable oil wells in operation and many others cocked down waiting drilling in Abalagada community.

Since then, Agip has given Abalagada community one Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U), that was in 2002 for a period of 3years. The MOU has expired since 2004. When the community demanded for a new M.O.U, Agip alleged that NNPC ordered that Abalagada should not be given M.O.U.

The community has written series of letters/reminders through her C.D.C but all to no avail. What the C.D.C always get in return from the Public Affairs Division Manager was that NNPC ordered that no M.O.U should be signed for the community

It is worthy to mention that in 2009, the then Affairs Division Manager, Mr. J.C. Solomon invited the Abalagada CDC to discuss the issue of the new M.O.U. that meeting was held on the 19th March, 2009 at the City Crown Hotel in Port Harcourt. An agreement and proposal was reached but not signed into motion. While the community were expecting another invitation to put paid to the final issue of the new MOU, unfortunately, MR J.C Solomon was retired. The new man that took over from MR J.C Solomon became not only an obstacle but a torn on Abalagada community flesh. The new PDM deliberately and wickedly sat on the M.O.U allegedly saying NNPC has given order that Agip should not sign M.O.U with Abalagada community.

It is worthy to note that since Agip started operation in Abalagada land, no indigene has been employed (skilled or unskilled), no recognition, no M.O.U, nothing to show that it is a land where a whole company like Agip is working, yet Agip is continuously siphoning oil from the land daily to the detriment of Abalagada community.

Besides, Agip has several oil Pipelines across Abalagada community.  Agip is also making steady use of Abalagada water ways as their harbor for all of their trafficking/movement across the Niger. All other routes of Abalagada neigbouring communities are closed because of insecurity and un-safe for Agip Staff except Abalagada route. Agip workers found Abalagada route safe for their movement freely across the Niger because of the relative peace and security in the community.  Agip workers play through Abalagada routes day and night without fear of harassment, molestation, interruption or kidnapping. What else did Agip expected from a community that is so friendly and peaceful?  Abalagada is one of the most peaceful communities along the Niger or within the Niger Delta Area because there is no any form of act of violent, crisis, disturbance, disruption of Agip operation or case of kidnapping that has been recorded against her unlike other communities in her environs.


The irony of the whole episode is that Agip is using the Abalagda well for bunkering.  The Agip Engineers visit the well every two days for servicing and maintenance of the well for proper function.  We also learnt that Abalagada oil well is one of the wells Agip hid away from NNPC

ONE PAINFUL ACT OF AGIP IS THE DUMPING OF TOXIC WASTE IN ABALAGADA COMMUNITY.  When the community protested for the removal of the toxic waste, what Agip did was to mould the Toxic waste into blocks without evacuating them, all to the detriment of our community. These Toxic wastes have affected lives of the community, resulting to some indigenes packing away to  neighboring  communities for safety of their lives. Agip is now driving the citizen of Abalagada away from their community – Bravo Agip

Another havoc Agip has created in Abalagada Community is an ugly phenomenon (land slide) that is cutting away houses from the community into the River Niger.  When Agip was constructing road to their oil well location, Agip dredged sand from the River Niger directly and close opposite the community.  This has now caused a devastating landslide menese that is already cutting out some houses in the community into the River Niger.  When the community called the attention of Agip, her response was negative, even till now.  The community is at the danger of being wiped away if this ugly phenomenon is not properly checked now.

All the neighboring host communities – Beneku, Okpai, Umusadege Umu – Iwere, etc have running contracts, labour supply contracts and employments in Okpai / Kwale Gas plant but NONE to Abalagada Community.

As a host community for many years (since 1970), no Abalagada indigene is a worker in Agip, what a pity! For the past ten (10) or more years, Agip has signed several M.O.U, with neighboring Host Communities, what cause withheld Agip not to sign M.O.U with Abalagada Community?

Indeed, the community was surprised when Agip mentioned that NNPC ordered that Abalagada Community should not be giving M.O.U since 2009. if so what have the community done to NNPC? Is it a crime or a curse that we have oil in our land and allowing Agip since these past years to be siphoning oil from our land freely and un-disturbed? The community will want to know the reason NNPC ordered Agip not to sign M.O.U with the community. If there is no M.O.U, then where is the community / Agip cordial relationship? Did NNPC want the community to be militant before recognition, because that is the only language NNPC / Agip can understand.

Abalagada is a peaceful community and shun any act of violent that could use the blood of innocent souls to water the flower of Justice. But if that is the only option, the community shall not hesitate to implement it.

However, the Community is using this medium to solicit and appeal to NNPC, Federal Government of Nigeria, the world Human Right Organization and the concerned people of the world to intercede and prevail on Agip to sign our M.O.U and give the community all her entitlements.

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High chief Valentine C. Ilona                             Deacon Egwuatu N.E. Victor

(Head land lord/chairman ACDC)                                  (Secretary ACDC)

08036636124                                                            08163447742, 08053554677

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