Opinion: The Triumph of Reason and Imperative of the All Progressives Grand Alliance’s (APGA) Success in the Anambra State Gubernatorial Election, November 16, 2013.


By Professor Joseph Asike, Dr. JPJ Afamefuna Ifedi, Micheal Zebendilos Okpala, Attorney-at-Law, Arinze Agwuna, Chief Greg Obi.

This is an unequivocal endorsement of our national party, the APGA party, in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State. Our position is informed by a strategic view of prevailing party politics and governance approaches, as well as a need to march toward a new era, a new era of civility, service, transparency, accountability, astuteness, and optimum performance in governance.

When the vital principles of government and governance are properly positioned, the quality of human life is improved, the creative energy of individuals is unfettered and the noble mission of a people is fulfilled. Yes, Chief Willie Obiano and his running mate Dr. Nkem Okeke, the current crop of nominees for APGA are the most suitable for Anambra people; they are first rate, and leadership and professional pedigree is their forte. Chief Obiano is a gifted, talented, and astute technocrat of outstanding know-how and genre who has a very clear understanding of money management skill-set and sense of professional accountability. He is an amiable and generously spirited man with proven standing in his native Aguleri, Anambra State, and faith communities. There is no doubt that he will make an outstanding steward of the public treasury and resources, complete all other wonderful projects that are already in progress in the State, commence new needed projects and fulfill the employment, infrastructural, environmental, security, business and social welfare aspirations of our people in Anambra State. His running mate, Dr.Okeke, an upstanding erstwhile commissioner for works and planning, economic adviser in Anambra State under Governor Obi and Etiaba, and a University don is no less capable; a man of very high integrity and esteem and dedication who brings strong affection for the people of Anambra State, as well as a loyal social support system and family and intellectual pedigree, which he would press into service for Anambra State. His sense of loyalty and commitment to Anambra State would amount to wonderful service for our people relative to governance and performance. The APGA party ordained for us an excellent future by electing this team to carry the APGA flag in this election. We turned the corner with this present administration of APGA – Obi administration; hence, the imperative of continuity toward a new era under the same party and this team of outstanding leaders.

It is time to move past the scattered governmental efforts of the past period of transactional politicians who owed allegiance to “god fathers” only, a period that was characterized by governance approaches that was akin to a mafia-like entity. This approach to governance yielded only a focus on sharing state proceeds with a few well connected persons whose stock in trade was politics as business and business as politics. It is urgent at this time to fully rally to APGA, for our immediate and long term goals.

The challenges and the opportunities before us today call for league spirit and unity. There are tasks to be tackled and realized; and, it is time for the people of Anambra State to rally as one people to accomplish them. A nationalist esprit de corps rests on a common estimate of this moment and the ideology of oneness, informed by the paramountcy of standing under the canopy of the one true national party under which the Igbo people and others identify with and gather, APGA! The APGA is a veritable vehicle for Igbo ideological oneness, development, group identity and crystallization of the Igbo experience and ingenuity with the help of government.
We face, in this crucial election, a real struggle for the heart, mind, soul and destiny of Igbo people, because never has the objective conditions been so favorable for advancing the actual dreams of our people; and, an APGA win in Anambra would be only the beginning in the necessary and unremitting march toward social and political consolidation of Igbo land.

To be sure, this election holds serious danger, as well as hope – in APGA’s only state at the moment – following setbacks in Imo and Abia. If Anambra people do not take their future into their own hands and unite in voting for their own only true party, our state is bound to suffer under the grip of cruel, self-serving and powerful outside elements and their internal comprador collaborators, business politicians who view the governor’s office as the headquarters of a money making rentier enterprise and platform for fulfillment of personal ego desires.
If the people of Anambra are going to be able to resist this danger, they should vote for APGA. This is the way to political unity, party irredentism and unity based on enlightened group interests in the context of our group aspirations in Nigeria. Under APGA, Igbo people that other peoples attempt to proscribe, chase off and deport in their own country would abandon the tendency for internecine separation and unite. That unity will unleash a movement that holds the power to overturn our present prevailing social, economic and political problems and place us right back and squarely in the driver saddle of our own destiny.

We should think, act, and vote strategically. Repudiate and reject the election season antics of latter day-emergency-Trojan philanthropists and their cynical ploy to purchase our share of public goods and destiny for a gallon of kerosene; charity to one’s own people is good, but it is ignoble, unhappy and corrupt when provided in exchange for or as a ploy to gain public office. We must also be wary of doubtable populist politicians who enjoy strong links to alien political party organizations who see our people as removable aliens in their own country. We should elect leaders that would act to foreclose on the likelihood that outside forces would manipulate us and disorganize the goals that we have already achieved and direct us away from objectives yet to be attained, and scuttle our march toward attainment of our group interest, purpose and sense of oneness. Among all of the competing political party organizations in Nigeria, only APGA is properly positioned to meet and sustain the ideological, political, emotional, developmental goals of Anambra state; hence, our unequivocal support for APGA!
Even a perfunctory examination of the Nigerian political party scene should reveal to every fair observer, especially anyone of true Igbo extraction, that we are not properly positioned relative to group political and social consolidation. APGA, as aptly articulated by Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, is a tool for group solidarity and mobilization for development and self-determination in the Nigeria context; and, he chose APGA as his personal vehicle for political leadership and spearhead for Igbo strategic effort for self-development in Nigeria. The choice of APGA as an Igbo governance scaffolding and foundation by a leader of Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s stature, experience and passion for Igbos is an indubitable evidence of our unshakeable conviction that our view rests on solid ground, as the best political choice for all Igbos and Anambraians in particular in this election.
We should not be left out of a practice that is already adopted and perfected by our neighbors in the West, under ACN-APC, who now intend to capture even Igboland; no Igbo person, no matter how visible or influential should lend themselves as a tool to be used to pry away any part of Igboland and expropriate it to others. The North, under CPC-APC, has also formed a strong political hegemony in that region. So far, only in the East is this not a reality. In the interim, our people are still mired in the politics of myopia and metastasis; to catch up and begin the process of consolidation and group development and unity, we must embrace APGA’s platform. We cannot overstate the dire need for a party under which all people of the Eastern part of Nigeria can come in to one canopy to forge consensus on how to address and secure their group interest in the larger Nigeria polity, as all effective politics is group based. Group solidarity is the key to unlocking the door to real power. Group means power in numbers and power in fiscal, psychological leverage, as well as collective security and safeguards against social and political proscription. As long as we are disunited, it would be quite onerous for us, as a people, to press our prerogative at the center; but, once united as a block, under the well-recognized APGA party, our interests cannot be neglected because of our voting- block-strength and unity of purpose, njikoka!.
Remember that APGA is the political blood line and progeny of the Owelle of Onitsha, the great Zik of Africa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr. M.I. Okpara, Dr. Akanu Ibiam, Mazi Mbonu Ojike, Dr. Nwafor Orizu; it is the party of the great Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, and many other notables. APGA was preceded by NCNC and NPP as Igbo political platforms. APGA is our only home party. APGA is beyond consideration as a mere political party; it is at once a social movement, an embodiment of Igbo imagination, an expression of Igbo ideology and oneness, a beach head for Igbo objectives, and basis for a consolidated environment for discussion, consensus building and resolution of Igbo issues.
It is pursuant to the aforementioned inclinations and positions that we urge you to come home with enthusiasm to our own party, APGA! Vote enthusiastically for the excellent team of APGA led by Chief Willie Obiano and his running mate Dr. Nkem Okeke. An APGA win is your win. Vote APGA in this election; and, urge all of your acquaintances, kindred, and friends to vote for APGA!

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