Presidency to Ribadu: You are Ethically Challenged Hypocrite


By Reuben Abatti
“The Presidency totally rejects the false, hypocritical and self-
serving claim by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu at a lecture in Kaduna on
Saturday that Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan is a
“sinking ship” in which the yearnings of the masses are being
neglected by a tyrannical leadership.

“We find it very sad and utterly deplorable that Nuhu Ribadu has
resorted to shameless wolf-crying, the peddling of arrant
falsehood and the denigration of the elected government of his
fatherland in furtherance of his selfish quest for continued national
political relevance after his wholesale rejection by Nigerian voters
in 2011.

“It is very unfortunate indeed that the once highly respected
former EFCC Chairman has now taken to political prostitution and
developed a penchant for irresponsible and reckless utterances
aimed at improving the electoral fortunes of his new friends and
“leader”, who he once famously denounced as a crook who is “not
fit to hold public office”.

“There can be no doubt that nothing else but blind ambition for an
office for which he is clearly unfit is driving Ribadu to infer that an
Administration led by a President who welcomed him back to the
country after his self-imposed exile, restored his rank in the
Nigeria Police to save him from the shame of demotion and
converted his dismissal from service to retirement has now
become tyrannical and anti-people. We take special note of his

“If Nuhu Ribadu wants to talk of tyranny then he should talk of the
days when he orchestrated the impeachment of governors with an
illegitimate quorum of legislators who had been threatened by the
EFCC under his watch. It beats the imagination that Nuhu Ribadu,
a man who once presided over an EFCC which in 2007 compiled
a list of disqualified politicians aspiring for office without a court
order or legal backing now has the guts to accuse the man under
whom Nigeria has had the most credible elections in this Fourth
Republic of being the leader of a “sinking ship”. Can there be a
greater tyranny than the tyranny of removing governors via
undemocratic means and barring legally entitled persons from
contesting elections?

“Nothing else but misguided ambition could have driven Ribadu to
urge Nigerian youth to rise up and save the country from an
Administration which he willingly served recently, but which he now
duplicitously and insincerely claims is “imposing private interests
on the majority”.

“It is certainly the height of hypocrisy for Ribadu who built his
entire reputation as an anti-corruption crusader by completely
disregarding the rule of law and recklessly trampling on the rights
of perceived enemies of the government of the day, to now
accuse an administration that has consistently upheld the rule of
law and respect for fundamental human rights of being tyrannical.

“It is only a shameless man that will turn around and accept to be
the political lackey of a man he once openly accused of corruption
at various times between 2004 and 2007. Now that he has been
used and abused by the undemocratic overlords that reign over
the ACN and fearing that he may soon be dumped now that that
vehicle is about to be subsumed into the so called All
Progressives Congress, Ribadu is desperately seeking fresh

“Ribadu’s descent into a moral abyss since leaving the exalted
office of EFCC Chairman, his equally ethically-challenged new
friends and his willingness to vituperate against any person or
institution he perceives as a challenge to the fulfillment of his
unattainable ambitions, have clearly exposed him for what he truly
is – a thoroughly unprincipled attention-seeker whose entire
career in the public service was built on bootlicking and doing the
bidding of the powers of the day without a care for legality which
should have been his primary concern as an officer of the law.

“President Jonathan and his Administration will not be distracted
from the diligent implementation of the agenda for national
transformation by the falsehoods and vituperations of Ribadu and
his new friends.

“Far from being tyrannical as Ribadu falsely alleged in Kaduna,
President Jonathan will, as he has consistently done since
assuming office, continue to strengthen institutions of democratic
governance in Nigeria, uphold the fundamental human rights of all
Nigerians including the youth, and protect their right to elect
leaders in free, fair and credible elections.”

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