Islamic Jihadists Massacre of Christians in Nigerian Church

…15 Killed by slitting of throats

“We want to stress that in our struggle, we only kill Nigerian Government functionaries, security agents, Christians (by which they mean Igbos) and anyone who pretends to be a Muslim”…Boko Haram

For the second year running the blood of innocent women, children and men of South Eastern Nigeria origin have been sacrificed at the altar of One Nigeria by Hausa/Fulani Islamic bigots. The ritual slaughter or throat slitting of Christians especially Igbo traders in their places of worship in Northern Nigeria is significant because it is a clear and unequivocal statement that Igbos are not wanted in other parts of Nigeria. More shocking is the way human beings are routinely slaughtered like ram which in Islamic psyche symbolises the ritual offering of blood of a living animal to Allah. Igbo men, women and children are being killed in exactly the same way Muslims kill their ram and ox during Eid or Salah festivals.

The Christian world has remained silent over the relentless killing of innocent Igbo (Christian) families because the Igbos themselves have chosen to buy the spurious argument that Christians at large are being targeted and not Igbos specifically. The Overwhelming evidence is there for all to see.

Radio Biafra predicated the ongoing slaughter of Igbo people resident in Nigeria back in June 2009 but as usual very few people took heed of the warning. Today the orchestrated, horrific and ceaseless killing of Igbo people have intensified with most Igbo people brainwashed by the corrupt and compromised media in Nigeria into thinking that “Christians” are being targeted when in actual fact it is their fellow Igbos who are being singled out and killed.

If it were Igbo Christians killing Hausa/Fulani Muslims in Nigeria the global Islamic Jihad would have mobilised men and materials to support them the same way they did in Bosnia Herzegovina and are doing today in Chechnya in support of Muslim populations. But when it is Muslims killing Christians the world and especially Christian nations develop collective amnesia and gut wrenching spirit of forgiveness.

The latest mass killings took place in a church in Chibok local government in Borno state, the cited operational headquarters of the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram.

Mohammed Kana of the National Emergency Management Agency said that it was so violent that “Some of the people had their throats slit.” Boko haram carried out this attack but it was financed by Buhari, Babangida and Atiku, all former heads of state and vice president of the same country they are today hell bent on destroying just for the simple reason that they believe that only Muslims have the divine right to rule Nigeria.

USAfrica’s special report a week earlier titled ‘Pastor, Deacon, 14 others killed at Christmas Church Services in Nigeria by radical lslamists’ noted The fears and concerns of many Nigerian christians over a potential attack in northern Nigeria during this year’s Christmas services have become real with the killing of about 15 of their fellow adherents at 2 churches.

“It has really been terrible,” said Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, the Archbishop of Jos. “We cannot be overcome by fear and the violence of these evil people”, he told Vatican Radio that the Christians of Nigeria will persevere. “Their aim is to succeed to destroy the Christian faith, and we are convinced this is not possible, because our faith is a gift from God,” he said.

During the Christmas eve attacks, 6 persons were killed and several injured at the Church of Christ in Nations in Potiskum, in Yobe State. The attackers shot the pastor and set the house of worship on fire during the Christmas eve session. At the embattled city of Maiduguri, in Borno state where Boko Haram sect has its biggest base, a church deacon and 5 worshipers at the First Baptist Church were murdered.

Pope Benedict XVI has condemned those attacks on churches “where savage acts of terrorism continue to reap victims, particularly among Christians.”

In 2011, the group Boko Haram and its splinter groups launched pre-Christmas and Christmas Day attacks in northern and central Nigeria last year killed at least 60 christians, dramatizing the incapacity of the federal government led by President Goodluck Jonathan to deal with the domestic terror and religious violence.

Boko Haram is not a terrorist group but a militant movement fighting for the preservation of the Islamic way of life for Fulani/Hausa people and the conquest and forcible Islamisation of Igboland and wider Biafra. They have already conquered the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria and are now set to complete the task that their forebears failed to accomplish in the 19th century which is the religious quest to dip the Koran into the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahel region.

Igboland remains the only sizeable territory in West Africa not yet conquered by the forces of Islam. Buhari, Babangida, Atiku and other financiers of Boko Haram will not rest until Idoma, Ibo, Ibibio, Efik, Anang, Anioma, Ijaw, Itshekiri, Igbanke, and other Biafra nations are added to Uthman Dan Fodio’s list of Islamic conquered territories in West Africa.

The only way to stop the killing is for all conscientious people and nations to support the peaceful breakup of Nigeria. To continue to support the One Nigeria project will only lead to further death and destruction for all inhabitants of Nigeria. Somalia will be a picnic compared to what will happen in Nigeria in a few years time.

Radio Biafra therefore calls on all good men and women, the international Christian family and conscientious governments of the world to support the well intended effort of the various groups agitating for their freedom and separate homeland in Nigeria to put the current madness, mayhem, murder, corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, hunger, disease, strife, state sanctioned criminality, crony capitalism, fraud, gerrymandering of electoral process, police brutality, arbitrary arrests, brazen looting of national treasury by politicians, assassinations, lack of electricity, industrial scale child prostitution, racketeering, collapse of the education system, absence of law and order, ignorance and untimely death to an end.

There can only peace in Nigeria when those that claim they are educated acquire enough intelligence to realise that societies with divergent value systems can never co-exist in the same geo-political space. The fact that individuals have the same skin colour does not mean they share the same value system upon which societies are built and nurtured into nations.

The Anglo-Saxon way of life is clearly distinct from that of the Slavic people of Eastern Europe though both peoples are of the Caucasian race. Fulani/Hausa value system is alien to Igbo people. They (Hausa/Fulani) have more in common with Arabs than with Igbo people or the other nationalities that make up Biafra. Nobody in their right mind can ever suggest that Pakistan and India be merged into one country despite the proximity of both countries, why then are we being forced to be in the same country with Hausa/Fulani people?

Perhaps the brain of an average educated black African is not sophisticated enough to grasp the complexities associated with superior reasoning. That is precisely why the same text books on engineering, law, politics and science that is fuelling development in every other part of the world cannot be utilised to the same effect in Africa. They read yet they learn nothing. They understand the fundamentals of modern technology but yet are incapable of utilising it to collectively develop or improve their environment.

Which other race on this planet earth will have abundance of coal, crude oil, gas, 12 hours of high intensity sunlight yet cannot generate enough electricity to power homes and factories? We must not forget that in Nigeria there are those who would be offended if you don’t fully pre-fix their name with the title Engineer when addressing them. Only black Africans and especially Nigerians have this dubious distinction.

If a country or nation cannot transform or convert coal, crude oil, gas and sunlight into electricity then one should not begrudge them for their failure to understand that you cannot bring divergent and often conflicting value systems under one monolithic political sphere. The fact that most Nigerians can read and write does not necessarily they can reason or have the ability to act on their reasoning. This is precisely why African societies are intellectually, economically and politically backward.

Nigeria will suffer a fate worse than that of Somalia if the current trend of preserving the One Nigeria project at all cost continues to prevail. Those whose overriding interest in the preservation of One Nigeria is access to crude oil and proceeds from it must know that in a country of lawlessness there will no access to oil fields and no exploration. Millions of people will die including One Nigeria apologists. For those in the so-called Diaspora, there will be no homeland to visit in their lifetime. Their children and children’s children will live and die outside Nigeria.

The killing frenzy will continue unabated until Nigeria disintegrates descends into anarchy or the world decides to put an end to the misery and shame called Nigeria.

Let Biafra go!

Nnamdi Kanu is the Director of Radio Biafra

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  1. More unfortunate is the fact that we as South Sudanese have been blseesd with resources which instead of being exploited and distributed equally for the benefit of all, these resources and wealth have only fallen prey into a few hands of the so-called freedom fighters who receive rewards inform of entitlement as ministers, directors, chairpersons of commissions etc. Even today, already our government administrive systems are composed of representatives of tribes/ethnic groups rather than competent and eligible individuals. In this case, appoinment by superiors is to blame particularly at state and county levels including ministerial, departmental and other levels of government.I do not want to agree to some false propaganda that South Sudan has no professionals because the war stopped them from going to school. A few who went outside are professionals today. Why don’t we allow these poeple to demonstrate their abilities?Therefore, untill we stop appointment as a technique of forming our government we will continue representing the interests of our tribes rather than providing services to all the South Sudanese. Atem Yaak Atem has given us Nigeria as an example from where we can learn lessons where representation of tribes has contributed to the disunity of the country and consequent occurence of civil disorder, insecurity, economic recession, political instability and military takeovers during the immediate post independence periods.These indicators are very dangerous for the survivial of a very young and innocent baby like South Sudan.


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