An open letter to Governor Obi on local govt elections, APGA

YOUR Excellency, I wish to use this medium to write to you because no body or media would suffice to properly contextualize the issues which you and your contemporaries have raised recently in the national media, issues to which I would want to comment upon and advise you.

I have also chosen this medium to advise you so that none of your personal aides or political backers would accuse me of soliciting closeness or contract from you at Awka Government House for any pecuniary reasons. As a philosophical commentator on social issues, my social conscience is my sole motivator.

I know you would be heartily surprised that I have chosen an objective medium to express my citizenship rights of freedom and to express my deeply held philosophical thoughts on certain worrisome issues happening in Anambra State which border very much on constitutional issues of governance and party discipline. I am talking about APGA of Ikemba’s true soul and spirit; the APGA which Chief Okorie tried ,unsuccessfully, to steal its soul by his aborted attempt to form the cloned UPGA; the APGA of Chief Victor Umeh and other party chieftains who stood with you through thick and thin, to fight the ‘’buccaneers of Nigerian democracy’’(apologies to Professor Soyinka) and wrest the apple seed of victory from their deadly jaws. Make no mistake about it.

Take note that the jaws of of the political crocodiles are still yawning and could consume, if allowed, both you and everybody, if eternal vigilance is not maintained. Why is it that Igbos seem to be so cursed that when creative party projects are crafted to save Igbos, fifth columnists also sabotage them at the last minute,at the verge of full victory and transformation for our people? It happened with Former Governor Orji Kalu, who pulled the first miracle in party formation and growth when the PPA was established to challenge the era of the locusts who devoured the land and,as a reward for his excellent political foot works, won two states in first elections that the party participated in,Imo and Abia states, at great personal cost and sacrifice? Are you going to be a willing cudgel in the hands of political perfidists to destroy APGA, the party that gave you political visibility?

Your excellency, you see, most people would fail to appreciate the fact that you were an alumnus of the great Philosophy Department, University of Nigeria, where you picked your human ethical values as a philosophy graduate. But I am shocked at the manner you are allowing some hangers- on to rubbish not only the image and integrity of APGA, after all the recent sweet victories, that I am still wondering if the press got you wrong. For six years plus, while the party fought for you at the courts, the name Nwobu Alor was unheard and unsung, a direct consequence of his sheer irrelevance and insignificance. But two issues that appeared in two recent interviews in the Nigerian media have given a lie to your rich profile and threatened to put a blemish to the record that could be described as unblemishable.

The first concerned the issue of local government elections, while the second has to do with internal party indiscipline in APGA from fifth columnists which you are actively supporting and funding. I would want to elaborate for emphasis and make poignant references-‘’Quit or be kicked out-Nwobu alor tells Umeh”(Daily Sun,cover page, May 10,2012).The bogus, unsubstantiated claim from him that Chief Umeh was given N20million to run the party failed to sail in the court of public opinion.The clearance given to Chief Umeh by both the EFCC and the Accountant General of Anambra State has finally confirmed that Nwobu’s Government House -inspired blackmail and propaganda proves, once more, Chief Umeh’s innocence and the perfidy of your unphilosophical sabotage against a man that pulled off your chicken tufts during the rainy season so that you don’t drown.This man is clean and you know it!

Don’t destroy APGA—The Iroko tree came from the seedlings and the branches can never outgrow the trunk, in good or bad season. APGA birthed you on Nigeria’s political space– no matter your current political stature you must never behave as if you have outgrown the party of your birth and succour. Your Excellency, you know as a political philosopher, we often resort to axioms, parables or maxims to make a good logical entendre. Don’t ‘’graduate’’ to the street equivalent of the usual Nigerian politician who is known more for perfidy and deception; don’t forget what you went through under Nigeria’s troubled democratic waters, where the likes of Chief Umeh have gone back and forth from hell, suffering for the shiny glory you are presently enjoying.

It’s a common Nigerian bug—once you cross the landmark bridge break it, so that no other person can come across to experience the dawn. APGA has remained the party that gave rise and sustained your political career; don’t destroy the party. It is people like Alor Nwobu who constitute the problem of the APGA in Anambra State and it is a welcome development for political ethicalists and value bench markers that he has been disciplined by the NEC of the party. It is obvious that Mr. Alor is a hatchet man from Government House and is playing out your script. If I am to hazard a guess, the mischievous profile of that script is to destroy the party in Anambra State for PDP to takeover after you!

If you didn’t sponsor Alor, as people claim, to use the ‘’Ndimpiawa Azu’’(the back and spine breakers) to cause mayhem and kill recently in Nnewi, Anambra State, then, what is the business of a philosopher king with the likes of Alor in a decent democracy? Internal party discipline is for members, whether serving in government or not, elected or not elected. The party has spoken wisely for you to release Nwobu back to the street elements as an unemployed party hand who soiled his hands and unethical political conduct unbecoming of APGA’s rising national profile. If Ikemba were to be alive, would you dare sponsor persons with no stable membership to openly insult the party chairman who has identified their conduct as corrupt and anti-party? No you dare not thumb your nose at the great Biafran warlord, the man who cried as he campaigned for you in the last elections, telling Anambrarians to vote for your second term as the last thing they would do for him,before death! Igbos, by obeying Ikemba and the party, proved the truth of what Chief Uzor Kalu once said that the ‘’Igbos would stand by any truthful and sacrificing Igbo leader who demonstrates integrity and commitment for their paternal cause!

Hold local govt elections

Why is APGA suffering such electoral dislocations and defeats even when you have such a high performance record? It was thought in political science and empirical knowledge of field politics that when the provincial governor is excelling in governance and development benchmarks that all the party scions going for little positions are usually rewarded with good electoral votes in their constituencies?

A good performance by a masquerade at the village square becomes a source of gregarious accolades for those behind its emergence at the square. How come your presence in Anambra State is not rubbing off well on subsequent APGA party performance at every election, since then?

Mr. ANUWEZE CHUKWUNONYE, a political analyst, wrote from Awka.

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