Who is the next Speaker of Imo state House of Assembly?

Imo State House of Assembly Speakership Aspirants.

By Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

The task to stop the conspiracy against Imo State has already started with
the defeat of Mr. Ikedi Ikiri Ohakim by Owelle Rochas Anayochukwu Ethelbeth
Okorocha through the instrumentality of Almighty God using the Poor masses
as the determinant factors.

What the people of Imo State needs from the in-coming government of Owelle
Rochas Okorocha come MAY 29th 2011 is nothing but people Oriented
leadership. To achieve this goal, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is expected to do
the following things namely

(1) He must dissolve the Local government councils across the state since
the present council Chairmen were selected and not elected, hence the
devaluation of leadership at the Local government level.

(2) The Imo State Judiciary must be totally and completely overhauled. The
era of allowing corrupt judges and magistrates to man our various courts
should be over.

(3) The members of the Imo State Executive council must be made up of
people with impeccable characters. The era of allowing Fraudsters, Money
launderers, sycophants, bootlickers, praise singers etc etc to be
commissioners, Chief of Staff, SAs, EAs, Chief Press Secretary should now be

(4) Ensuring that only people of impeccable characters are leaders of the
legislative arm of government in Imo State.

This write-up will only center on the legislative arm which is the Imo State
House of Assembly.

The leadership of the outgoing Imo State House of Assembly is led by the
Speaker who is Hon. Chief Goodluck Nana Opia. Under his leadership, the
legislative arm of government lost direction and magnitude. As a result of
this singular attitude, the people of Imo State Lost confidence in the
ability of the legislative arm to check the excesses of the executive arm of
Ikedi Ohakim’s government. No wonder over 80% of the current legislators
were not re-elected including *MR. SPEAKER himself.* Now that the people of
the state have succeeded in electing a new governor, I believe that the
circle should be completed by having a refined gentleman, a man of
integrity, credibility, humility and infact a man of high intellectual
capacity as the next speaker. At this point, let me state that the
Governor-elect of the state is from Orlu zone while his Deputy comes from
Owerri Zone. It is therefore logical to have the next Speaker of the Imo
State House of Assembly from Okigwe zone since there are only three zones in
Imo State. This is to ensure equity, justice and fairness. Though from my
own point of view, I do not believe in zoning because it breeds mediocrity.

The question now is: Who among the six (6) member-elect representing the
various Local government areas in Okigwe zone would be elected the Speaker?
For us to answer this question there is need for us to go to the “streets”
by knowing who these people are and their capabilities to lead.

*(1) **HON. SIMEON IWUNZE –* He is popularly called “white man” though he
is very black in complexion. He would be representing ISI-ALA Mbano state
constituency at the Imo State House of Assembly. He is a member of the
outgoing House of Assembly. He is generally perceived as a sycophant, very
arrogant and his lifestyle reportedly questionable. He switches loyalty “per
second per second”. He was formerly with Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi
Araraume but when he perceived that Power was coming from the camp of Mr.
Ikedi Ohakim, he quickly switched loyalty. Today he is making attempts to
switch loyalty to the camp of Owelle Rochas Okorocha eventhough he is from
the PDP. His contribution on the floor of the out-going House of Assembly is
nothing to write home about and till this very moment he has no constituency
office in ISI-ALA Mbano LGA. His people reportedly rejected him at the poll
because of poor representation but he allegedly rigged himself in.

*(2) **HON. CELESTINE NGAOBIWU –* He represented Obowo state constituency
in the outgoing Imo State House of Assembly. Although he is a gentleman and
cool-headed, he is generally seen as a man who cannot lead the legislative
House because of his alleged lack of intellectual capacity. Within the last
three years, he has been kidnapped on two different occasions and was only
released after large sum of money exchanged hands.

*(3) **HON. KINGSLEY DIMAKU –* He would be representing EHIME Mbano
constituency when they are inaugurated in the first week of June 2011. He is
a member of the Chief Tony Chukwu political mafia cartel who is now making
in-roads to the Owelle Rochas Okorocha political circle. Not much is known
about him but anybody linked to Chief Tony Chukwu politically is always
looked upon with suspicion and disdain. The question now is: Can Kingsley
Dimaku be trusted with the speakership position of the House? He is not
known to have any legislative experience.

*(4) **HON. PRINCE EKWEBELEM –* He will be representing Onimo LGA. Before
the election for the state House of Assembly Hon. Prince Ekwebelem was busy
attacking and condemning the aspiration of Owelle Rochas Okorocha,
especially when the incident of “HORN NEWSPAPER AND OGBONI” issue broke out
in the state. He is reportedly seen as a very proud and ambitious person who
is deeply rooted in the Ikedi Ohakim’s political circle. He is not known to
have any legislative experience. Moreover it will be a very risky adventure
allowing him to become the speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly.

*(5) **HON. DR. ACHO IHIM –* He will represent Okigwe state constituency.
But he has a lot of negative controversies trailing him. Before the
election, his name was substituted because of an indictment report (record)
hanging on his neck when he was the Okigwe Local Government Executive
Chairman. According to the report, he embezzled a total sum of

This is based on the committee report that investigated and indicted him for
fraud in January 2006. The committee report was signed by the following

(a) Hon. Chukwunonye Irouno (Chairman) (b) Hon. Chris Echefu Ogu
(Secretary) (c) Hon. Emmanuel Okoye (member) (d) Hon. Paul Uche (member) (e)
Hon. Charles Ejiogu (member) (f) Hon. UKP Okereke (member)

Also how Dr. Acho Ihim became the PDP candidate for Okigwe state House seat
is also very suspicious and under contention in the court of law. It has
been reported that because of his indictment for embezzlement of Okigwe LGA
funds and a pending case for Perjury at the Federal High Court Owerri
Presided over by Hon.Justice Folashade Olubanjo, the PDP National
Headquarters substituted his name with that of Hon. Chief Chris Eboh who
actually won the PDP primaries for Okigwe constituency seat. Yet immediately
after the House of Assembly election, Dr. Acho Ihim’s name “appeared from no
where” as the candidate who won the election. Based on all these
revelations, other party candidates who participated in the House of
Assembly election have gone to court to legally challenge and determine the
credibility, eligibility and otherwise of Dr. Acho Ihim to contest for any
election indeed. Infact the ACN Candidate Chief George Maduewusi
(ONAPURUAGU) is already in court to challenge Dr. Acho Ihim’s eligibility.
This simply means that if the court rules against Dr. Ihim, the PDP will
most definitely lose the seat for Okigwe state constituency. In the light of
these facts it is doubtful if Dr. Acho Ihim would be given the opportunity
to “aspire or even descend” to became the speaker of Imo House of Assembly.

*(6) **HON. CHIEF BENJAMIN UWAJUMOGU – *He will represent Ihitte-Uboma
State constituency. A young man of plus or minus 50 years. His foray into
politics dates back to 1990 when was the SDP party Chairman for his local
government. Although he later resigned to contest for Senate. In 2003 he
contested for House of Representative under the platform of PDP. Again in
2007 he contested for the same House of Representative under the same
platform of PDP, but the “powers” that be pleaded with him to stepdown for
Hon. Chief (Sir) Austin Nwachukwu. In 2011, he “descended” from his high
political aspiration to contest for the Imo State House of Assembly. A
consummate businessman and a prolific administrator. He is until recently
the Managing Director of WERDIS LTD (A trading and consultancy Firm). He
also managed EASTERN COMFORT HOTELS Umuahia, ABIA State.

At this point let me also say that zoning breeds mediocrity. Since zoning
in Imo State has been “set-aside” with the enthronement of Owelle Rochas
Okorocha as our next Governor, it simply means that any zone in the state is
free to aspire for the position of speakership. Nevertheless, let me state
it clearly that the need to have a very sound personality as the Speaker of
Imo State House of Assembly is a task that must involve all progressive sons
and daughters of the state. Any attempt to impose a “Goodluck-Opia Like”
person as the next Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly must be totally
resisted by the poor masses that are now the new political determinant
factors in the State.

The battle to totally cleanse the Augean Stable in Imo State has indeed

By Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha


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  1. D people of has recommended d efforts of Hon Chief Amaechi Nwoha even d local govt he is representing has prove his accountability, integrity, humility, transparency etc & he has been Tested, Tried & Trusted. He (Hon Nwoha) is good enough & has all d qualities 2 make a good SPEAKER 4 Imo State, Imolites & Our Divine Governor (RESCUER) let support & put him there 2 complete our Rescue Mission.


  2. Nwachukwu christiane says:

    Concerning the Isiala mbano state constituency, Hon. Chima Akuzie won the Election. So if on any account that post be given to someone else, it would be very appaulling. The masses found him worthy to represent us. He’s humane, humble, loving, caring and almost perfect.


  3. Ihenwosu chris says:

    Ikena go on with your good job pipl of Nkwerre is on ur sid tel pipl what d are just lik the way u tel ikedi ohakim the formal gov of imo state i pesonal as a good citizin of imo state i all so congrt owelle Rochas Okorocha for his good job in imo state God we bless hime. And as well bless u lkena samuelson my good brother.


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