Randy Nigerian Doctor sacked over sexual assult

Dr Chukwugozie Ujam was suspended after 'inappropriate and sexually motivated' actions towards his female colleagues

A doctor who tried to seduce his female colleagues and said to a shocked medic: ‘I bet you’re still a bloody virgin,’ has been suspended for six months.

Chukwugozie Ujam, 36, harassed two junior doctors and a nurse as they worked night shifts at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital in 2008.

The General Medical Council ruled that his actions towards the three women ‘inappropriate and sexually motivated’.

Panel chairman Jacqueline Milton said his actions had ‘undermined’ the working relationship with the doctors, and ‘had the potential for placing the care of patients at risk’.

The hearing was told how he asked Dr Sally Pennington: ‘Oh god, I bet you’re still a bloody virgin, aren’t you?’ during a late night chat on their first night shift together.

He told her: ‘You could learn a lot from me – I could teach you things both academically and not.’

Ujam also bragged about cheating on his wife, and asked Dr Pennington about her sexual history, before sending her an explicit text.

She said she had felt sick after receiving a ‘letchy’ text message telling her she was looking pretty after repeatedly telling him she was not interested.

Dr Aimee Priestman said Ujam ignored a patient who was suffering seizures as he continued to ‘badger’ her at the woman’s bedside.

She said: ‘You don’t carry on asking someone when you go and see a patient – that’s not normal.

‘It isn’t normal to stand at the end of the bed when someone is having seizures and say: “What’s wrong with you, why are you being like this?”

‘He didn’t look at the patient, he continued talking to me initially – that’s not how it should be.’

Dr Priestman told the hearing she and Ujam had a conversation at the nurse station during a night shift in March 2008.

He mentioned that he lived apart from his family, had marital difficulties, handed her his phone number and asked for hers.

Dr Priestman said she was concerned by Ujam’s behaviour but was aware that they were due to spend three night shifts working together.

She said: ‘I didn’t want to make a scene, I just wanted to brush over it.

‘To me it would have been quite confrontational to say: “Why have you just given your number to me, I’m not interested.”‘

She added: ‘I was young, I had just started work as an F1, I wanted to get on with my colleagues.
‘I just wanted to get on with my job.’

But when she did not show any interest the doctor continued to pester her.

‘He pursued me constantly, asking me: “Why are you being like this?”

‘I have never had a situation like that in the workplace.’

Ujam’s actions towards the two doctors had led to an investigation, and he was given an oral warning in July 2008, the GMC heard.

But in October, the doctor met nurse Laura Hudson on another night shift, gave her his phone number and invited her out for the evening.

He also winked at her while helping perform an emergency Caesarean section.

Ms Milton told Ujam: ‘You embarked on courses of conduct with Dr Pennington, Dr Priestman and Nurse Hudson designed to establish sexual relationships with them.

‘Despite their evident discomfort and reluctance to engage with you, you persisted in your efforts to persuade them.’

‘The Panel views your actions in pursuing and harassing professional colleagues for sexual purposes as representing a pattern of behaviour that falls seriously short of the standards expected of a registered medical practitioner.

‘The panel regards the observance of proper standards of behaviour towards professional colleagues as an important principle of conduct for doctors.’

Ujam was found to have been ‘misleading’ when he submitted a CRB certificate with no details on it, while knowing that a newer certificate included details of an allegation of sexual assault.

In a separate training post at Moss Valley Medical Practice in Eckington, North Derbyshire, where he worked between August and November 2007, Ujam was found to have made ‘numerous’ calls to Nigeria.

The GMC ruled that he was confrontational and shouted at his educational supervisor, Rachel Tinker, during a meeting to discuss his use of the phone, and that his actions were ‘intimidating’.

Ms Milton told Ujam: ‘Your misconduct has brought the profession into disrepute and that you have breached important principles of your profession.

‘In the circumstances, the panel has concluded that your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of your misconduct.’

Ms Milton added: ‘You were their more senior colleague and, for Dr Pennington and Dr Priestman, you were the doctor from whom they would be expected to seek advice and guidance regarding patient care.

‘As a consequence of your misconduct they were reluctant to approach you. Dr Pennington sought advice elsewhere.

‘Your misconduct towards these three women related to your failure to recognise and apply the proper boundaries of professional and social relationships between colleagues.’

Mrs Milton said throughout the hearing Ujam ‘demonstrated negligible insight into the consequences of his actions’.

‘The panel has decided to direct that your registration be suspended for a period of six months.

‘This is sufficient to protect the public interest in this case and is proportionate to your misconduct.’

Dr Ujam was suspended for six months and he will have to face a review hearing before being allowed to practice again.

Source: Dailymail

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  1. na wa ooo! is this story true or u guyz just want to ruin his career cos he’s a nigerian..


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