Wife eviction saga: Former Kogi Governor Audu moves into Potomac house

Aisha Audu Abubakar and three kids being evicted by her husband Prince Audu Abubakar

…as wife, three kids languish in homeless shelter

After evicting his wife and three kids into government’s homeless shelter in
Montgomery County in Maryland, United States, the former Kogi Governor
Prince Abubakar Audu has moved into the house allegedly living large,
shopping and claiming “victory over his wife and children.”

The kids, who attend schools in the area, will have to be dropped off from the
school bus, and stay with a neighbour in the opposite house every day before
their mother can come and pick them up to go to their temporary shelter home.

Audu has three other houses in the US. There is one in Highwood in
Connecticut. There are also apartments which are not currently being rented,
but being managed by his son Bashir Audu, a student in Washington DC. The
houses are under phony names, Gold window, Mercury Bell side & Sunshine
LLC which he solely owns and operates, and he will not let the wife and kids
move in into any of them, according to the wife.

Last week, lawyer to Mr Abubakar Audu, acting on the order of his client,
showed up at the Potomac home to enforce a court order evicting the former
first lady Aisha Abubakar and three kids into a harsh chilling weather of about
-30 degrees.

To push the wife and the kids out of the home, and in apparent punishment to
the wife over a protracted family feud which has resulted into a divorce case
pending in court, Mr Abubakar had gone to file eviction order arguing that the
palatial Potomac house belongs to a company (Bellside) in which he is a
director; arguing that the house is not a family house.

He won the case because the court was not able to establish that it belongs to
the family, and thus Aisha had to either move out or pay rent. She agreed to pay
a monthly rent of $4,000 between July and November, “thinking my husband will
retrace his step” When the rent was up, Audu’s lawyer came in armed with the
judgment and evicted her and the three kids.

The former first lady told African Examiner that immediately after they were
pushed out, her husband moved into the Potomac home which she said belongs
to a company in which “my husband is the sole owner.”

Trouble started in March when Aisha was accused by Audu’s daughter of
planning to poison her father, according to the former first lady’s story.

Her words:

“We left here (USA) in January, I was supposed to come back in March but I said
no I will go to Dubai. When I went to Dubai the daughter said I was planning to
kill her father, and that’s it and he said I must do the ritual oath. I said no I can’t, I
cannot just jump at whatever you say every time. That is all I know that I
offended him with. If I had gone to take that oath and died, it would have been
seen as though the death was as a result of my pregnancy.

“It happened to his last wife. She refused to take the oath for 4 years. He left her
in London but kept telling her that he was coming to buy a house in London, and
when she came to Nigeria his (Audu) family insisted that she must take this oath.
She took the oath only to go back to London to find out that the house had been
be locked up by this same daughter of his. She went to court to struggle for it,
the same thing he is doing to me; he went to court to say no she is not entitled
to it because they are no longer together. Less than a year the woman died.”

Right now Aisha is scared to go back to Nigeria. Apart from her life being in
danger, all her belongings and that of the children have been confiscated by the

“All my personal belongings including that of the children have been confiscated
by him in our homes in the villa in Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, Lokoja, and London. We
cannot get into any of these houses without his instruction to caretakers, police
and guards.” she lamented

All efforts by eminent personalities in Kogi and Nigeria like the Ohinohi of Ebira
Land, HRH Alhaji Ado Ibrahim, former Chief of Defence Staff, Rear Admiral
Ibrahim Ogohi, former Minister of Defence, Alhaji Kwankwaso, former Governor
of Sokoto state, Alhaji Attahiru Banfarawa to help them resolve the family feud
have been rebuffed by the husband who is insisting that “whenever she agrees
to take the oath, everything will be normal again.”

Meanwhile, African Examiner gathered that the temporary shelter kindly
provided by Montgomery county in Maryland expired on Friday with the former
first lady not knowing where next to turn with 3 kids aged 9, 6, and five months;
while Mr Abubakar Audu is said to be living big in his luxurious Potomac holiday
home now decorated with Christmas lights.

When African Examiner visited the house located at 12301 Glen Road,
Potomac, Maryland, 20854 in order to hear Mr Audu Abubakar’s own side of the
story, a lady who identified herself as Gloria, who “just came to help clean up the
house,” confirmed that Mr Audu’s is indeed around but just stepped out of the

Gloria feigned ignorance of the family feud saying “I don’t know anything o, I just
came to cook and clean up because his (Audu) daughter will be coming to the
house later in the night”

We left our business card and phone numbers for him to reach us; he has not
called us as at the time of filling this report.

Source: African Examiner.

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  1. Jackie Naku says:

    Haba Aisha, what was supposed to be” happy married life?” has turned to a Lions den ? I pray for God to comfort you and make you happy again. you have always been a glowing star,The God that saw you through when ur father died and left you, will see you through this situation too. good luck


  2. Nnawoye Musa says:

    God will surely avenge all the wrong done by the deceased. He has now gone back to his Maker to account for his worldly transgressions. May Allah SWT have mercy upon his soul Ameen.


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