Press Statement: Dele Momodu quits Labour Party

Dele Momodu


I write to notify your good self and office of my resignation from the membership of The Labour Party (LP).

You will recall that on 20th November, 2010 I wrote to you drawing your attention to my observations about indications that The Labour Party (LP) had no plans to field a presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential election.

For the records, below is the text copy of that letter:

My dear Chairman,

How are you and your family Sir?

As a true Christian, I must bring to your attention some of my worries about your supposed attitude to my participation in the Presidential race on the platform of our great party, The Labour Party.

I’m very alarmed at some of the comments being credited to you by most of our mutual friends. It has become fashionable by many people to stop or call me to ask “what’s going on between you and Dan, the Chairman of your party?” And whenever I asked why the question the answer was often that “DAN BELIEVES YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS, THAT YOU ONLY EXIST ON THE INTERNET, THAT YOU HAVE NO MONEY TO RUN A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN…”

The most cynical of the commentators was a man, UCHE ONYEAGUCHA, who I did not know before but accosted me at the Bukka Restaurant of Transcorp Hilton hotel a few weeks back, and shouted publicly that “Dele, sorry o, Dan has sold your ticket in Labour”. I just managed the situation by laughing at him as a joker, otherwise he would have attracted a crowd to us.

Let me emphasise the fact that I have confidence in your leadership. The journey we’ve embarked upon is very daunting but divine. As difficult as it may seem, many Nigerians are looking up to our party to make the difference and deliver that change we’ve all been craving.

My strategy has been to use unconventional methods to reach our destination. If this is why you think I’m unserious, I plead with you to have faith that miracles do happen. Most of our potential donors have been worried that they are not sure that Labour Party would not sell out to the highest bidder. They claim that your body-language and an earlier interview granted by Dr. Akinlaja have not helped matters.

The party you lead today is generally seen as the hope of the common man but we have the onerous task of working tirelessly to convince members of the public that we are ready to make the necessary sacrifice for that much-awaited change.

Sir, it is too early in the day to write any candidate off. With limited resources, I have taken on political Goliaths. I have attracted considerable attention to our party. Everyone now agrees I’m one of the brightest hopes for Nigeria. In the name of God, I deserve to be encouraged.

Everywhere I go, I promote the best tenets of Labour Party, even at international fora. I have been speaking about how you have struggled to build the party with your sweat and blood. My coming to Labour was not by accident. I came to you because I was reasonably convinced that together we can show the world that Nigeria was not a colony of monkeys and that we have what it takes to move our great nation to the next level.

I will be delighted to meet with you between Wednesday and Thursday next week to give details of why I’m raising these concerns.

Thanks and God bless you.
Dele Momodu

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