Why Take The Money?

Pastor Tunde Bakare is no doubt a great man of God. He has done what most pastors will not do. The fight for the emancipation of the common man from oppressive and wicked rulers most be fought by all Nigerians.

Death is inevitable hence Nigerians must conquer the fear of death if the country will get better. We must be prepared to fight for what is just, equitable and fair. I salute Pastor Tunde Bakare for the spirit he has so far displayed in his fight for a better Nigeria.

Our president Goodluck Jonathan has also done what past rulers in Nigeria have never done. He has been fair to everyone including those who criticize him. For example, we all know what would have happened to Raymond Dokpesi and his business if the president was one of our past leaders. We all know what would happen to even Sahara Reporters. Jonathan has displayed a spirit of mildness and humility. He has shown he listens to the people. For example, when Fifa threatened to suspend Nigeria from international football, Jonathan listened to football stakeholders. He was not egoistic but did what most rulers will never do- he swallowed his pride. We need rulers who are humble and meek. We do not need rulers who play politics with every single issue. The recent issue of ‘transport money’ or ‘bribe’ is worrisome. Tunde Bakare and SNG made one mistake. If it is true they were offered money for transport then they should have rejected it instantly. There
is no excuse for taking money and returning it. Questions demand answers. Why accept the money in the first place? Was it too small? Why check to know how much is the money? Why did they not reject it when they knew it was money? Honour demands that we must be principled. The mere fact that SNG agreed they accepted money from aides of Jonathan shows how deep corruption has eaten into our psyche. Maybe they took the money as it is a usual custom in Nigeria but later sensed it would be an entrapment. There is no explanation whatsoever for accepting a ‘gift’ or ‘transport money’ and rejecting it later. Such act leaves so many unanswered questions. However I will not take it away from SNG because I look at issues holistically. The SNG has done so much for democracy in Nigeria and this single issue should not mar their reputation. We expect so much from our leaders that we fail to understand that man by nature is imperfect.

Our dear president Goodluck Jonathan has also made some mistakes recently. If he deeply believes it is God who put him where he is today he must desist from engaging in what past leaders have done. Power belongs to God and not man. He should seek the favour of God and if it is the wish of the Creator he will be elected next year. However we should not take it away from Jonathan just because of his mistakes. We need a humble and Godfearing leader, not a leader with all the experience but no respect for God or man. We all make mistakes and are criticized. We can never have perfect leaders. We should elect those with lesser evils next year.

Buhari is no doubt the best candidate. However I worry about his age. Atiku has weighty allegations hanging over his neck. Furthermore being a consensus candidate, it most definitely has been agreed that Babangida, Aliyu and Saraki will be compensated one way or the other. Thus we will have four presidents (Atiku, Babangida, Aliyu and Sariki) ruling Nigeria. This is my opinion which I am entitled to. Finally I salute all those who are objective and steadfast in their quest for a better Nigeria. Once more I salute Pastor Tunde Bakare.

Tonye Brown
P.O Box AN529
Accra Ghana


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