Dele Giwa’s Murder: Babangida Did It, Writes Dele Giwa’s Brother

By Tunde Giwa

I was deeply moved by what is going on in Nigeria political scene, with regards to the declaration of evil genius, Ibrahim Babangida to run for the country presidency during the forthcoming election.

What peeved me was the comments by his supporters concerning the death of Dele Giwa, my late elder brother, they claimed that the matter of his death has been settled in the court and that Babangida have been acquitted of crime. It’s a known fact that Babangida has not been tried by any court in Nigeria for this particular murder, he has always been hiding behind immunity each time the case goes to the court. The only place where Babangida could have proven his case was at Oputa panel, but he refused to show his face.

Nigerians and the family of Dele believe that Babangida masterminded the killing of Dele, except the gullies like Alex Akinyele and Raymond Dokpesi that think otherwise because of their personal gain from Babangida.

Nigeria should know that the appointment of Akinyele by Babangida as the minister when he, Akinyele, was a Director Newswatch , was part of Babangida’s desperate move to settle and buy those who are close to Dele in order to shut them up, and Akinyele is one of them.

For Dokpesi, I do not regard him as a noble man. He said that he and Dele were from the same Local Government area, therefore Nigerians should forget about his death just because of what he has been making from Babangida and what he still intend to make if Babangida if he mistakenly gets into power again. Nigeria should not forget how this man dealt with Abiola when he was in Abiola’s business. If not for his personal gain from IBB, I think he should be ignored.

Akinyele and Dokpesi should stop rubbing salt on to our injuries and that of Nigerians by promoting bad products in the person of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. I call on Akinyele to resign as a Director of Newswatch Communication, if he has not done so.

The family of Dele are still bleeding and hurting badly from Dele’s death. Time could not heal the wound. Dele’s mother is still there crying for justice. Every Nigerian is asking that justice must be done on Dele’s death: Oputa’s report must be visited on Dele’s matter.

Babangida and his co-travellers must be put on proper trial, until when this is done, Dele’s soul will not rest in in his grave. To Babangida, Akilu and Togun, God judgement is certainly awaiting them any day, anytime, where no human evidence is not required as they are asking Nigerians to do, because God knows and sees everything.

Nigeria Union of journalist and the Nigeria Bar Association should mount pressure on the federal Government to release the report of Oputa panel with regard to Dele’s death. Nigeria Bar Association should take up the case from where Chief Gani Fawehinmi stopped before he passed away. Nigerians are waiting for justice to be melted out to the Nigerian greatest despot ever lived.

I believe that no matter how long it takes IBB would not escape judgement over the inhuman murderous act against Dele Giwa and numerous Nigerians through commission and omissions befoer, during and after his inglorious regime.

He lived this long to received his deserved punishment by going to jail and end up in the hell fire, not the Aso rock that he erroneously nurturing to return.
His hands are full of bloodstains and the spirit of those he killed would continue to haunt him till he goes to grave.


To the people at Neswatch communications. These people are cowards, traitors conscienceless human being: They betrayed and sold out their colleague and friend. Newswatch went down from number one magazine in Nigeria to no position, because of their cowardice and unpatriotic attitude. They departed sharply from the policy on which the magazine was established, immediately after Dele’s death. Newswatch would have been a conglomerate today if Dele is alive. If the dead can see the back, Dele would be regretting in his grave for having anything to do with these people. God judgement is also awaiting these people for betraying Dele and killed his baby, Newswatch.

Tunde Giwa is immediate junior brother of late Dele Giwa. Mr Giwa lives in Barcelona Spain.


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  1. According to Giwa’s brother,IBB is a very wicked man.he that dine with satan use long spoon.


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