My Pledge to Nigeria by Nuhu Ribadu.

My Brothers and Sisters: It is with deep humility and a profound sense of responsibility that I am writing to inform you of my intention to join politics and seek your support to participate in the forthcoming general elections.

I am joining politics because the principles and values in which I believe have obliged me to do so. A new Nigeria, a better Nigeria, is not only possible: it is something we desperately need. After extensive consultations across the country with opinion leaders, political figures, youth activists, the business community and – above all – with ordinary Nigerians, I am convinced and encouraged by the fact that millions of Nigerians share my belief in those principles; and for that reason I would like to inform you of my intention to contest for the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of


We are a hard-working, proud and God-fearing people. Despite the sacrifices and achievements of so many. 50 years of independence has failed to deliver a nation that can make us proud. In other words, most Nigerians have yet to appreciate the true meaning of independence or see the benefits from it.

We see division where there should be unity, poverty amid plenty and fear instead of justice. Our common resources have been plundered for the benefit of a tiny minority. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Armed robbery and violent crime are commonplace; honest hard work goes unrewarded. The framework of law and order, the foundation of all civilized communities, is breaking down.

Where government should have shaped progress, too often at all levels, corruption and incompetence have held us back. It is more than a decade since the military returned to barracks but we have yet to build a genuine democracy based on integrity, accountability and the will of the people.

The past might have been cloudy but the future can be bright, and as the saying goes, it is better to light a candle than continue to curse darkness. Now is the time to move forward.

With the love of God and country, I believe I am capable and can play a great role in fixing Nigeria. I have served Nigeria all my life: as a police officer, prosecutor, architect of an unprecedented anti-corruption initiative and, from the heart of the federal government, a leading advocate of economic and political reform.

I am not a politician. But I have seen how politics works and I am here because of where we are as a nation and where I fear we are headed. In office, what I said I would do, I did. This same promise I make now: together we will re-establish the rule of law and do away with the culture of impunity, inertia and helplessness. We will once and for all kill the cancer that is corruption.
We should be able to feel safe in our homes, and proud of our schools and hospitals. As parents, should be able to look forward to a better future for our children. We should have the electricity, water and public services that even our neighbours take for granted. There must be jobs for our youth and empowerment for our women. We must have a political culture that earns and deserves respect by its deed and actions.

This is my pledge to Nigeria.

I intend to achieve these goals through hard work, respect for our people and an inclusive sense of a patriotism that celebrates all that is best about our diversity: together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. I will run a transparent and accountable government. I will assemble a competent team and allow dialogue but most importantly, I will be a listening leader.

I believe Nigeria can be turned into a country that makes us proud and I am encouraged by the mood of change sweeping the nation today. We must have free and fair elections, the people must decide and their mandate must be honoured. Let us debate honestly and openly about our policies and vision for the future; and on our record in public life in the past.

Let us seize the opportunity of the moment to build a new Nigeria. I want to put myself in the lead to bring this desired change.

Details of my programs will follow in due course but for now I ask for your support.

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