The road is now set for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to expel Mr. Ikedi Godson Ohakim (Imo Governor).

It should be noted that Mr. Ohakim was summoned to appear before the PDP disciplinary committee on 25th August 2010 by 12pm to explain his political actions which are not in tune with the ethics and practices of the party. These political actions includes the following:

(1) Playing Anti-party activities

(2) Refusal to obey party directives

(3) Attempts to Destroy the party the way he destroyed other political parties he belonged

(4) Conducting a Kangaroo PDP primaries for the conduct of the so called LGA elections

(5) Refusal to submit names of candidates for the positions of party congresses.

(6) Refusal to submit his “NEW-FACE” political structure to party congresses.

(7) Kleptomania style of leadership

(8) And so on and so forth.

Mr. Ikedi Ohakim in his characteristic manner refused to appear before the disciplinary committee of the PDP in Abuja. This is an indirect way of telling the parties, what can you do? However when it became obvious that Ohakim was not going to appear, he feverishly sent a letter at the eleventh house claiming that he was down with “typhoid fever”. Surely, this is an absurd way of snubbing the party. No doubt, Ikedi Ohakim’s political cup of deceit is already full and has reached the boiling point; hence he is set to join ANPP. As part of his unstable plan, the so called 27 LGA un-elected chairmen and councilors who emerged at the contentious August 7th 2010 fraudulent election against the advice of the Nwodo-led National Working Committee of the PDP are said to have signed a resignation letter in preparation to cross carpeting with Ohakim to ANPP.

This is how treacherous Ikedi Ohakim can be at this critical period. But political analysts and commentators are in agreement that since Ohakim is an unknown political scalar quantity, his crossing over to ANPP will surely be of no effect to the PDP. His crumbled “NEW-FACE” political structure is already in an unstable equilibrium. Afterall, he has a toxic reputation of being a gambler and political prostitute. (See my attached article entitled – “GAMBLERS AND POLITICAL PROSTITUTION”. In the last 12 years, Ikedi Ohakim has oscillated from PDP to ANPP to UNPP to AD to PDP to PPA to PDP. Therefore his current movement ANPP has confirmed his unstable political character. It should be noted that I long predicted this movement in my well published article entitled “THE K-LEG IN PRESIDENT YAR’ADUA’S visit to Imo State PART TWO”. (See attached).

As Ikedi Ohakim joins ANPP, the federal government of Nigeria is hereby appealed to order all the security and anti-corruption agencies to make public their reports on him so that Nigerians will know whether Ohakim is qualified to remain in office or not. This is so because for a man who has established himself as an epitome of irresponsibility, immorality and insanity, Ohakim should have no business in further aspiring to any leadership position again. As a matter of fact if not for the so called immunity, Ikedi Ohakim should have been in jail all this while.

As the Peoples Democratic Party takes this definite decision in removing a rotten – bad egg from their mist, the people of Imo State will now look up to the party to present a Governorship Candidate who will surely win 2011 election and whose priorities must be to clean the economic, political, social and academic tears of the citizens of the state. Our Lord Jesus Christ said “come to me, all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Unquote. The time to strike so that Imo people will have rest is now.

I rest my pen.


Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

(The conscience of Imo State)

Facilitator – SLAP Initiative


Plot 98 Ikenegbu Layout Extension

Owerri – Imo State, Nigeria

26th August 2010

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