Sex For Jonathan Campaign: Another Dimension In Desperation

For sure this Jonathan campaign is degenerating into ridiculous levels. The latest ‘Nigerians earnestly ask for Jonathan 2011’ campaign is as funny as it is offensive. As reported in the media, a group of ‘peculiar’ women has threatened to mobilise all women, good and bad, in the country to go on seven days sex strike if President Goodluck Jonathan does not publicly declare his interest to contest by Friday August 20, 2010.

Introduction of sex for whatever reasons into the issue of Jonathan’s candidacy was not only absurd but a clear affront to everything the peoples of this nation- Christians, Muslims and even pagans represent. We are a people of culture, tradition, decency, moral and religious rectitude. And it is unfortunate that the drive for recognition by Jonathan apologists is fast pushing people to reduce the discussion of his candidacy to an absurdity.

Media reports had it that the sex-withdrawal ultimatum for Jonathan’s candidacy was contained in a press statement allegedly issued in Lagos by a group referred to as “Nigerian Chapter of the African Women in Diaspora (OAWDN). A thorough check on all available sources including the corporate affairs commission show that this group does not exist anywhere in the country except it will come into life today.

The women in the statement said: “We unequivocally support the presidential bid of Dr. Jonathan and call on him to declare his interest to contest the election on or before Friday 20th August 2010; failure of which will force the OAWDN women to embark on a-7-day sex starvation and will appeal to every well meaning Nigerian woman all over the world to join with us in the journey of sex-starvation.

“We will call on all wives, girlfriends, sex workers (ashawos) and girls within the age of consent to boycott sex for the specified number of days, starting from Friday 20th to 27th August 2010”.

The categories of people (females) to be called out for this campaign (ashawos, girl/women friends and all girls above 16 years) shows who these ‘sex-withdrawing’ women politicians are and what they represent both at home and abroad if they are actually residing abroad. This is all I would say on that.

As was rightly asked by a worried Nigerian man, “What has sex strike got to do with Jonathan’s declaration? Are these women indirectly informing us that withdrawing sex for seven days will force Jonathan to declare?

Another question is: From whom is this sex being withdrawn? If it is from the rest of us, it is laughable because there are other ‘apolitical’ sources of the same deal or better still we men can use the opportunity to draw closer to God by sex-fasting. If it is from Jonathan, well, Da Patie should now know who the enemies of her home are.

The name (if it is real) of the ascribed leader of the sex-campaign women, Lady Igoniwari Halliday, tells the entire story. In Igbani kingdom comprising of Bonny and Opobo area of Rivers state, there is a category of women popularly referred to as “sisi” and this is the group these women belong.

The only serious thing the sex-withdrawing women mentioned as a reason for the impending strike was that they were “emboldened to throw their sex-support to President Jonathan because he has been very sensitive to gender issues and issues concerning widows and orphans since he came into office.” This is pure lie! What has Jonathan done since he came into office to better the lives of the real Nigerian woman not the ‘sisis’?

Another reason given by this group of women for their wholesale sex-support for the candidacy of President Jonathan was that “for long time, bad governance by way of dehumanization of very young boys and girls by way of under-aged sex have been plaguing the country.” It is more decent to simply believe that these women were misquoted by the press, otherwise, we may be tempted to ask: who arranges these under-aged boys and girls for the Abuja politicians. Is it not this same category of women?

Chief Tony Anenih had earlier told President Jonathan in a plain language that his candidacy would be made possible if he performs creditably in “providing good governance in the areas of electoral reforms, power and energy, security, even development and peace in the Niger Delta as well as social stability in the country.”

In his words: “President Jonathan must bear in mind that the attainment of the above goals (electoral reforms, power and energy and peace in the Delta region and social stability in the country) will require a lot of personal sacrifices and, sometimes, decisions that may be unpleasant of political allies, relations and friends.”

“The majority of Nigerians would support Jonathan’s 2011 presidential bid if the president met the four targets he had set.”

Pathetically, any unbiased assessment of the President’s performance so far will show nothing in terms of tangible achievements in any sector of the economy including Anenih’s priority areas. So on what grounds are these drowning calls including those of the sex-withdrawing women being made for the president to declare on or before August 20 or the entire Nigerian men and expatriates resident and visiting Nigeria would be starved of sex for one full week or more?

It is very unfortunate that the President has no time even if he starts being serious today, to accomplish any tangible thing before the PDP convention where he will seek the ticket to run for the 2011 elections.

If Jonathan fails to publicly declare that he will run for the presidency in the 2011 elections, the sisis will starve all of us sex for week. So if he ultimately fails to run at all, how many years of sex starvation are the male folks in Nigeria going to face? Yeye people weh deh talk weting dem no mean!


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