Her sack was political, … I don’t want to make comments now – Dangote
By: Luka Binniyat
The embattled former Director General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Prof.Ndidi Okereke- Onyiuke Wednesday denied that billions of Niara is missing at the NSE under her watch.

Onyiuke, who appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Capital Market Wednesday, said her sacked by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week, was politically motivated.

The former President of the NSE, Alhaji Aliko Dangote also appeared before the Committee later, but said before the Press was chased out, that he does not want to make any public comment not to jeopardise ongoing investigation into the matter.

“I don’t want to talk on this issue now”, he said, “the matter is under investigation, and what I say may affect the investigation. So, please bear with me”, he said in the presence of the Press before the door was slammed before them. Dangote was still in the meeting at Press time.

But, Onyiuke used the opportunity availed her to wash herself clean.

She insisted that the account of the Exchange was intack and that no shareholder has ever complained over how the money of the Exchange was controlled.

The professor who was emotional in her self-defence, said she had been quiet because she does not want to “kill the baby” she gave birth to.

“Whatever allegations that have been made have very little or nothing to do with the Stock Exchange accounts”, she told the Reps.

“The account of the Stock Exchange is very much in order”, she insisted.

“I have worked there for 28 years, and at no time had my integrity ever been put to question”, she said.

“I have been taught to be straight forward, honest person and I had a lot of high integrity so I would not be associated with an institution that is riddled with fraud, or where I would see something wrong and close my eyes”, she went on.

“I would consider what you have seen in the papers as political, and I will give details later on”, she added.

“My role in keeping quiet is that of the woman in the Bible, when King Solomon wanted to divide the child because two women were struggling for that child”, she informed the Reps.

“I am the woman that owned that child; I would rather not destroy the capital market because of my personal self interest. I would rather take any heat that comes to me rather than destroy the child that I have created”, she said.

“I have been carrying the Nigerian Stock Exchange, not only at this point, but since I got back to Nigeria from the New York Stock Exchange. I was there for only eight years, but I have been in the Nigerian Stock Exchange for 28 years. It is like my own child so I would rather not say and do things that would put more heat in the market or destroy the institution of the capital market, because my whole life is there”, she said.

“I don’t do contracts; I don’t do any other business except the Stock Exchange”, she went on.

“Am a thoroughbred professional, I have been trained properly and part of that training had nothing to do with stealing, or appropriating what does not belong to me.

“I am honest as far as honesty is concerned…and if there is anything by the saying that somebody can be neat as a whistle, I could say am one of those.

“I just want say to the public that no money is missing in the stock exchange, and nobody has complained. Shareholders in the exchange are not complaining.

“I would give details of this to honourable members after today, I would also want to make myself available anytime you would want to ask me anything”, she said.

After her brief remarks, the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Umar Buba Jibrin, chased out the Press, saying he does not want anyone to misquote him or anyone appearing before the committee,

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