Gov. Ohakim

His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has promised Nigerians that
there would be electoral reforms and credible elections come 2011.
This is a very welcome development and all patriotic citizens must
join hands with Mr. President to see that these two objectives are
realized in 2011. For the first time Nigerians will have their
electoral system reformed such that whenever there would be election,
only people of proven integrity, credibility and dignity will be
elected into respective offices.

But already in this present democratic government in Nigeria, there
are people of questionable characters and behaviors who are presently
occupying positions of trust, influence and authority and who are
desirous to contest elections come 2011. These set of people if
allowed to contest election will make nonsense of Dr. Goodluck
Jonathans pledge to the country of conducting credible elections in
2011. These set of people if allowed to contest will make Dr. Goodluck
Jonathan a liar and not worthy to be trusted again. I say this because
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan upon his swearing in as Acting President of
Nigeria in February 2010 and substantive President in May 2010
promised to tackle the problems of the oil sector. This he has done
with the price of P.M.S. otherwise called Petrol now sold at N65 per
litre instead of the former price of N90 per litre. It is an
acknowledged fact that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is doing some work in the
power sector and in the next few months our power (electricity)
distribution network in this country will improve. Again it should be
noted that because of Mr. Presidents hard stand against corruption in
this country, most federal government agencies are sitting up to
realities. At least it is no longer business as usual. Also, most
state governors who are in the habit of smuggling their state
resources out of Nigeria (money laundering) are now counting their
teeth with their tongues. This simply means that the exit of President
Umaru Yar’dua (though very painful_ has indeed brought tremendous
Goodluck to Nigeria. (See my attached article).

Not too long ago precisely on the 2nd of August 2010, the Abia State
House of Assembly formally impeached the former Deputy Governor of the
state Comrade Chris Akomas due to an offence of sleeping with his
wife’s lady orderly in the office of the Deputy Governor. This is an
applaudable patriotic act by the Abia state House of Assembly. Comrade
Chris Akomas is on the same page with Governor Ikedi Ohakim as far as
this offence is truly concerned. Also not too long ago, a first class
traditional Ruler in Ondo State (HRH Oba Oluwadare Adesina, the Deji
of Akure) was dethroned by the Ondo state government for assaulting
his subject (Olori Bolanle) and desecration of the royal stool. It
should be noted that there is no difference between Deji of Akure and
Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State. Conversely, there is no difference
between Olori Bolanle and Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha (see the
attached correlation).

I have taken time to highlight on the above because it is very natural
that evil and atrocities in high places are exposed. Now that 2011
election is at the corner, there is need to assist Mr. President in
making sure that free, fair and credible elections are conducted by
exposing people of questionable characters who may want to contest.
Therefore the exposure of Mr. Ikedi Ohakim as an example of a
questionable character should be supported. I have consistently
exposed the criminal activities of this character and currently all
the security and anti-corruption agencies in this country are with
evidences of his activities. The federal government led by our able
president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan should save Imo State in particular
and Nigeria in general the embarrassment of having a criminal like Mr.
Ikedi Ohakim (as governor) by ordering these agencies to make public
its findings and investigations on him. The mistake has already been
made in the first place by allowing this character (Ikedi Ohakim) to
become governor in 2007. But another mistake must not be made in 2011
by allowing Ohakim to contest again.

Again it is now a notorious and confirmed fact that Ikedi Ohakim
climbed down from his so called Olympian height as Governor of Imo
state and personally stripped naked and assaulted a citizen of the
state at gun point in the office of the governor. The implication of
this assault is that the office of the governor has been desecrated by
Ikedi Ohakim himself. By this act it means that Ohakim is no longer
worthy to occupy that position. It is therefore very despicable for
him to aspire to re-contest for the office of the governor in 2011.
This is a big slap to democratic governance in Nigeria. This is where
our President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal government should
come in and take a bold stand just as the Ondo state government and
Dr. Olusegun Mimiko did as in the case of Deji of Akure. This is a
practical demonstration of the electoral reform promised by Mr.
President. This is what having credible election should mean.
Also, party loyalty by any member should be one of the criteria for
determining a true politician. It is a notorious fact that Mr. Ikedi
Ohakim has proved to be a gambler and political prostitute. Between
1999 and 2010, he has oscillated from PDP to ANPP to UNPP to AD to PDP
to PPA and back to PDP again at the moment. This simply means that
Ohakim has no respect for any political party in Nigeria. Hence he is
a harlot with no political structure on ground. Therefore such an
unsteady, unstable and political scalar quantity should not be
trusted. PROOF: – Just few days ago he disobeyed his current party
(PDP) directive not to conduct a so called local government election
which “TOOK” place on the 7th of August 2010. He equally disobeyed Mr.
President’s directive to postpone the local government election.
Conversely if this man can disobey Mr. President who is the leader of
PDP in Nigeria, it therefore means that he has no respect for the
party. The consequences of this misbehaviour should be that Ohakim is
given the “MBADINUJU TREATMENT”. (See my published article entitled
Ikedi Ohakim is hiding in PDP).

Therefore when all the above given reasons are adduced and joined to
the fact that Ikedi Ohakim is a chronic money launderer who launders
Imo State funds (using his now promoted Deputy Chief of Staff Mr.
Chikwem Onuoha) abroad, the federal government will have no
alternative than to ban him from participating in 2011 elections. My
published exposure on Ikedi Ohakim’s involvement in money laundering
can be goggled on the Internet with caption “CHIKWEM ONUOHA: The Face
of a money launderer”.

At this point, the federal government must be told in clear terms that
Ikedi Ohakim is the most hated man in Imo State. The people of Imo
state have most unanimously agreed that Ikedi Ohakim is the worst
thing to ever happen to them and therefore desirous to stop him from
contesting the 2011 elections. Therefore the federal government of
Nigeria led by His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is hereby most
humbly appealed to ask the Security and anti-corruption agencies to
make public their findings and investigation on Ikedi Ohakim.

The Human Rights groups in Nigeria are also appealed to take a stand
on this issue of Ikedi Ohakim just as they took a stand on the former
INEC Chairman Professor Maurice Iwu few months ago which resulted in
Federal Government removing him as INEC head. The Human Rights groups
are known for fighting the cause of the down trodden. They are known
for fighting for the less privileged. They are known to be honest in
their patriotic fight against undemocratic leadership. I am therefore
most humbly appealing to all Human Right groups in Nigeria to rise to
this onerous task by asking all political parties in Nigeria not to
field Ikedi Ohakim as a candidate in 2011 elections. They should
also assist in pleading with the Federal government to ask all the
security and anti-corruption agencies to make public their findings
and investigation on Ikedi Ohakim.

Also all professional bodies in Nigeria including traditional
institutions and Religious bodies are most humbly appealed to rise up
to realities of addressing the Ikedi Ohakim Monster in Imo State once
and for all. Students unions and market unions including village and
cultural association should be bold, courageous and fearless to
demonstrate against Ikedi Ohakim contesting election in 2011.

This is the only way to have electoral reforms and one of the ways of
having a credible elections in Nigeria come 2011.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
(The conscience of Imo State)
Facilitator –SLAP Initiative
Plot 98 Ikenegbu Layout Extension
Owerri – Imo State, Nigeria
9th August 2010

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  1. Kingsley chibuzor says:

    This is a big disgrace to democracy and the people of imo state. When he was selected to be the governor 1 know fully well that this ohakim is not capable of been the governor of Imo state. For the past 4 years what has he done 4 Imo people. I think the presdent must do somthing about this.


    • Mazi kingsley, your comments shows that you have never been to Imo state and also you are not abreast with his development!…Dr Ikedi Ohakim has done so many remarkable projects within the state, and he is ready to do more if reelected. So stop been myopic and be wise!


    • Tochukwu Collins says:

      1.the first eastern governor to implement 18,000 min. wage
      2.He lifted the embargo on employment which has been there for more than 15 years
      3 He made owerri the cleanest capital in east of Nigeria
      4.Constructed roads in Urban and rural communities
      5.Provided 10,000 jobs for Imo youths
      6.Work has started in Nworie, which will soon turn resort center.

      cant continue naming. Ikedi Ohakim is a blessing to our generation. you and i need to fight hard to bring him back to the seat because he has unfinished ideas in Imo state. visit http://www.ohakim2011.org and see for yourself.


      • kenneth nana says:

        Ikedi ohakim is the bigest criminal of recent time, what has he done? which road did u say he constructed? a big lier. a disgrace. inshort he is the most useless Imo Gov we ever came across,


    • i don’t think he should be banned…but what is the way forward for Nigerian politics


  2. the at this moment, ohakim should take the path of honour by resigning from contesting in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections. it should be clear to him that even the unborn babies in imo state don’t want him any longer. everybody has had enough of his leadership deficiencies. his four yrs of administration could be considered as years eaten by the locust.


    • hahaha!…I’m amazed by your level of thinking. Are you aware that Dr Ikedi Ohakim has been receiving support from eminent nigerians? It is obvious that you are been biased in you comments. because his achievements are very clear to see. for more details i’ll advise you visit http://www.ohakim2011.com, since you are not abreast with his developments.


  3. Am Highly disappointed with the campaign strategy of this man who in about sending stupid messages to people trying to tarnish the image of another man and another party. This is greediness and i urge all the indigens of his state to go out in mass and vote him out of office. THOUGH HE WILL TRY TO rig it, just vote him out and leave the rest for God.


    • What makes you believe that he was the one sending the text messages?
      You just criticize a man for no good reason. Please be wise and reasonable.


  4. ngozi Maduakor says:

    infact. am ngozi from Ehime Mbano.l boldly said that Ikedi Ohakim is not qualified to be a governor. 1). there is no sign of governorship in him. no good achievement during his regime. rather Imo State get’s dirty the more. imagine 2009 during the time we are struggling to join soldier, we contribute money for both the recruit Zional Screening and going to Deport NA Zaria. the so call Ngozi Nwosu promise to pay our money back till now nothing was heard. we have to go to Government house; upon that there was respond till today. hw did you expect me and my family to vote for you Ikedi Ohakim? answer me. upon that l came home to see my people, then l see imo State as the most dirty state among the 37 state in nigeria.


  5. he is a stupid man


  6. Ifeanyi U. says:

    Ikenna samuelson, your problem is that Ohakim is not sharing money for you the way Udenwa did. Look for a better Job doing.


  7. Thank you our image distroyer for yet another piece of well written lies. Evveryday you see reasons to incite violence and corrupt the minds of our people. Your case with ohakim is personal, why not make it personal than involve us?
    We all know you Samuelson,from road-side petrol selling to press man. Where on earth have you written a good article on any serious issue apart from critizing Ohakim? You are succeeding in spoiling the names of all imolites in the bane of politics.
    Generation will hunt you!


  8. kenneth nana says:



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