The National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) said it had established a prima facie case against Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima for the offence of child marriage in violation of the Child Rights Act 2003.

It said he paid the sum of $100,000 as the bride price of an Egyptian minor, just as he forged travelling documents for her father.

Accordingly, the agency has recommended that the minister of Justice and attorney general of the federation, who has the mandate to prosecute offenders, should commence prosecution of the former governor of Zamfara State.

In a detailed report of its final investigation into the matter which it submitted to the AGF, NAPTIP stated that there was remarkable disparity in two travelling documents of Yerima’s father-in-law which he used in entering Nigeria.

Besides, the investigation revealed that the Egyptian minor called Eladly Marim Maged Saleh, was 14 years of age, thus breaking Yarima’s silence on the actual age of his wife, described by the agency throughout the report as “the victim”.

The agency’s final investigation report stated that Marim’s father, Maged Saleh Mohammed Eladly is holder of two Egyptian passports with the number A01086511 issued on October 17, 2009 and A01403462 issued on March 7, 2010, both having been issued in Egypt.

The disparity in the two passports, which was also made known to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND, is that while the one issued in 2009 has the father’s profession as “workman”, the second passport issued in 2010 records as his profession as “Export and Import Officer Owner.”

According to NAPTIP’s report, “Taking into cognisance the issue of dowry of $100,000 which draws inference of debt bondage and inducement to have unlawful carnal knowledge of the victim, the necessity to change the profession of the father from that of an ordinary workman to an influential business mogul became not only imperative, but also desirable, so as to conceal the real intent of the marriage to an underage victim.

“Secondly, it is wrong to be in possession of two passports which are both valid and issued just one year in between. The profession of the father of the victim as a driver to Ahmed Raufi Sani Yarima is equally concealed by the deliberate change of profession here,” the report stated.

While noting that the date of birth, place of birth and the names in the two passports are the same, NAPTIP said the agency would be deceived by the change of Eladly’s profession “which if not done will draw inference to the ability of the workman to sponsor 11 members of his family as well as relatives to this exclusive marriage ceremony”.

The reply of the agency’s request it made to the Nigeria Immigration Service for biodata of the Egyptian minor stated that she was born on September 1, 2006 at Kalyobiya in Egypt.

Marim, who is said to be a student, entered Nigeria on March 15, 2010 aboard an Egypt Airline flight with number MS 887, and left Nigeria after the marriage from Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos on March 24, 2010.

She was also said to have been accompanied by her father and 10 of her relations and well-wishers.

“The victim, Eladly Marim Maged Saleh Mohammed is therefore fourteen (14) years of age going by the biodata supplied by Nigerian Immigration Service to NAPTIP in a letter Ref. No. IMM/ABJ/11E/10,891, dated 11th June, 2010 and duly signed by Kwazu J.C. (JP), deputy comptroller-general of Immigration on behalf of the comptroller-general,” the report further stated.

NAPTIP further told the AGF through the executive secretary of the National Human Rights Commission that Yarima’s action contravenes sections 12 (a) (b), 13 (1) (2) and 17 (a) (b) of the Trafficking in Persons (prohibition) Law Enforcement and Administration Act 2003, as amended.

It said the senator’s refusal to disclose the age of the minor (victim), the school she attends and her class amounted to willful obstruction of lawful enquiry, contrary to section 58 (a) (b) of TIP Act.

“His refusal to disclose the exact amount of money paid as dowry is with intention to deceive the Agency by using Islam as a cover. The above section could be invoked as an offence under this act which he is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years as the case may be,” the report stated.

The investigation report recommended that Yarima should be made to account for his misdeeds, as he did not only treat the country’s law with disdain, but encouraged foreigners to do same.

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