Re: Anambra and the truth (2)

IF Patrick understood the foregoing, he would not have wasted time on quoting my earlier positive comments about him, even when in my subsequent pieces, I made it clear that at that time, I mistook him for an objective writer, not knowing he was actually an overzealous Ngige man.

Besides this, he should know that even from the point of view of fallacies which he said I was guilty of, he has committed the fallacy of Ad Hominen Tu Quoque – by concluding that my present claims about him are false because they are inconsistent with something I had earlier said about him.

Let me confess that I was not surprised that I have described Patrick inconsistently. It is in the nature of man to be two-faced, depending on which side his bread is buttered. This is the reason why Blaise Paschal called man a chimera, which in Greek mythology was a she-goat with a lion’s head and a serpent’s tail – many sides indeed. Even when more renowned men also behave like a chimera, who is Patrick?

Some of the readers may have heard about the renowned John Milton who wrote the equally renowned Paradise Lost. In another book, Areopatitica, Milton argued against censorship of books. Milton said: “He who kills a good book, kills reason itself”. Very soon, when, in 1649, Milton was invited by Cromwell to join his government, Milton joined with other employees of the council in suppressing books. The one who had written the most eloquent appeal ever made for freedom of the press was now looking at censorship from the viewpoint of government. What a chimera is man!

I suppose in trying to show inconsistencies in my opinions about him, Patrick completely forgot that like every other thing, one grows and changes and will eventually decay. Which of us retains at 50 the views he held at 20; or at 30, the views he held at 15? Our opinions are the fluent vision of our mounting years and changing circumstances.

I have seen people belong to one political party and once they change to another party their views change. Between my initial encounter with Patrick and the encounter that sparked this piece, a lot of things have happened. A closer perusal of his thoughts and actions show that every stage of Ngige’s political life influenced his write-up. When it dawned on him that Ngige has finally lost out, he started attacking Obi as if he was his master’s nemesis.

If you read his rejoinder to my article over and over, where I merely debunked his falsehoods, you will only see the rambling inversion of half truths and outright falsehoods. His language abounds rather in egoism and rhetoric than in moral sincerity, philosophical wisdom or even argumentative acumen or depth, except for righteous indignation here and there.

Thus, if we indulge ourselves in one more look at his thesis, that Obi promised to construct 4000 classrooms in four years, 1000 per year and that he has not delivered, you keep asking yourself why he did not wait for half the time given for the construction to elapse before shouting non-delivery.

As for accusation of the State issuing dud cheques, I have explained that no dud cheques were given, that some towns failed to fulfill the conditions for accessing their cheques. The other day, the President General of Anambra State Town Unions said that the process of issuing second cheques for the project had begun, and this is true. What else do we say to Patrick’s unfounded indictment?

It is a real pity that some people are still pretending that they are ignorant of the revolution introduced in Anambra State by Mr. Peter Obi. Check the history of Anambra State since creation, he is no doubt an exemplary leader, untainted with scandal or intrigue in this immoral milieu since the state was created. Obi is an embodiment of virtues by which ruffians we have in this state are gradually being shamed into oblivion.

Since he became the Governor, Anambra State has been enjoying a new lease of life. His exhilarating spirit of hard work and enterprise has permeated the consciousness of the people of the State like energizing yeast into the rising body of Anambra developmental efforts.

Though Obi lacks rough iron and gall some people thought were required to play game of Anambra politics, by his virtues he is conquering. The debt people of Anambra State owe him is support. The State loses when columnists who are also politicians and belong to different political parties use their columns to blackmail him to satisfy some expired and expiring masters.

Finally, let me appeal to Patrick to read the Meditations of Descartes, where in doubting about so many things, he insisted on beginning philosophy afresh, of starting from scratch by ridding the mind of all accumulated preconceptions, however indispensible they may seem. Because of political alliances, Patrick nurses misconceptions about Obi. The sooner he releases his mind from this, the better, not just for him but for our dear Anambra. It is then that he will learn to appraise Obi by reason other than by passion and prejudices that are so obvious.

I know Patrick, we have met and we speak on phone now and then. I have respect for him, but I cannot stand by and see him dissimulate things in Anambra State because of politics. If he is not happy, I do not know what else to do other than refer him to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, where he said: Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas (Plato is dear to me, but dearer is the truth.) As Patrick entitled his piece Anambra and the Truth, we ask as was asked in John’s gospel: What is the truth? Is it according to Patrick’s canon or according to observable flow of development in Anambra State acknowledged by all, even the blind? I rest my case.

Mr. Obienyem is SA (Media) to Governor Obi of Anambra State

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