Treasure Samuel Afolayan, wife of former chief of Naval Staff allegedly kidnapped the children of Steve Midalah, her former aide over land.

When Steve Midalah met Treasure Afolayan, wife of former chief of naval staff, he thought he had found a divine helper. He never expected that the relationship will lead to the kidnap of his children. Marvel and Favour, aged seven and nine respectively were allegedly kidnapped from school by Treasure in connivance with some naval officers.
Scroll Nigeria learnt when Paulynn, wife of Midalah and mother of the children confronted Treasure, she was bundled into a waiting van and taken to Gwagwalada and later Kuje Police Station, where she was detained without charges and refused bail for days.
According to Midalah, “we are suing for violation of fundamental human right of my wife and children. The case is scheduled for hearing soon at the Federal Capital Territory, FCT High Court, Abuja.
In a horrifying tale, Midalah narrated the details of how his family suffered in the hands of Treasure: “I’m a Computer Engineer by profession and married with children. I met Treasure Samuel Afolayan, wife of former Chief of the Naval Staff through my bosom friend, Joseph Anokam who is her biological brother. Anokam and I are so close that even when he got married I was his Best Man. Though he now lives in London, UK, but we are still in touch.
“I was engaged in the Public Service at the Office of the Vice President, Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, where I worked for a couple of years until late 2003. Treasure called me severally to come over to the Navy House Niger

Barracks, formerly, Fort IBB, to attend to their computers and sometimes give them lessons in Computer Appreciation which I did willingly with all my heart and free of charge. Treasure, then President of the Naval Officers’ Wives Association, NOWA, discovered and confessed to me that my professionalism was unprecedented. Later, she approached me to advise her as a professional on what project I thought she could come up with to benefit Naval Officers and their families, because wives of other Service Chiefs were building Lock-up shops, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools which NOWA already had in Lagos, Port Harcourt and other Naval Commands.”
“I advised her to build a Computer Centre where Naval officers and Ratings as well as their families could obtain computer education at an affordable rate and I also pointed out to her how the Nigerian Navy send Officers and Ratings to obtain Computer Education at different computer schools and how it would be of immense benefit when NOWA Computer Centre takes off. Within a few months NOWA Computer Centre was built at Asokoro District behind the State House Clinic.”
“While the structure was being built Treasure always called me to come over for a meeting on how to set up NOWA Computer Centre and when the structure became ready for business she requested that I forward to her my Proposal and Quotation for the supply of 50 computers to facilitate the take off of the Computer Centre. She promised to compensate me by giving me the contract to supply the computers.”
“After submitting my proposal and quotation I waited for months without any favourable response from her. One morning, I received a telephone call from her to come over. On arrival at the Navy House, she had arranged a meeting where Ene Francis Agbiti who was then the Vice President of NOWA, was present. Again, she requested that I enlighten them on how I intend to run NOWA Computer Centre because the Computers had been ordered for and would soon be supplied by a contractor. That was shocking news to me and I couldn’t hide my disappointment; but I presented it respectfully, that it was a breach of trust.”
“Treasure apologized and said that I should not worry since I would be the one to run the place as the Director of Studies. She then asked how much I would take as my salary. I told her that at the Office of the Vice President, Aso Rock Villa I was receiving a Basic Salary of N75,000 per month excluding allowances because I was there as a Political Appointee and not a Civil Servant. But that if I include duty tour allowances, DTA, and windfalls, my take home is a minimum of N150,000 per month.”
“She insisted that I should choose whether I prefer to be paid monthly salary or she signs a contract for me to run the place for five years which would guarantee job security for me because in case of any eventuality her husband is no longer the Chief of the Naval Staff, the contract would still be honoured by the next President of NOWA. I told her that I would prefer the option of monthly salary because that would guarantee a monthly income for me and my family. She agreed and said since that is what I wanted but that I should understand that NOWA is a non-profit organization and that this project is at infancy and they may not be able to pay me N150,000 per month as I was being paid at the Aso Rock Villa. But, that I should consider taking the Basic Salary of N75,000 to start with. She promised to review it upwards over a period of time as the business grows. She directed the then former Administrative Officer, AO, Navy House, Abuja, in person of Efedue, a Lieutenant Commander to give me all the necessary support I required to setup NOWA Computer Centre which I did and we commenced operation in March 2004 successfully.”
“After three months went by and at the end of the 3rd month I approached Treasure and complained that we agreed that I was going to be paid salary and this is the third month since I started working and yet nobody has made any move or showed any concern that this man needs to be paid his salaries. This time she shocked me by saying that the business has not started generating enough funds as she had anticipated and that she could no longer continue with the salary arrangement but that I should prepare a contractual agreement for her to sign a five years contract for me. Even though I was disappointed I didn’t want to go into any argument with my madam whose young brother is my bosom friend thereby bringing acrimony into our relationship, so I decided to give her the benefit of doubt.”
“I asked a Legal practitioner to help me prepare a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, to that effect and I presented it to her. Six months after, she did not sign it and I became disturbed. I met Agbiti and complained to her about the contradiction in our business arrangement. Agbiti later helped me arrange a meeting with Treasure where I aired my fears and concerns and told her how at the time I had pressing school fees issues to settle. But she gave excuses of how busy she had been, travelling and attending to other issues and gave instructions to Efedue to give me the sum of N50,000 to enable me settle the immediate problem at hand, while she takes time to study the MOU and possibly sign it.”
“Until her husband retired in August 2005 the MOU was never signed. Other people would have given up but I did not. Instead I kept faith with her and the organization and served them with all diligence. It is on record that I pioneered NOWA Computer Centre from March 2004 to August 2005 and was never paid a dime. Within that period I had trained about 70 persons who had come to register at random on computer and also not less than 50 Officers and Ratings from the Naval Authorities whose names had been forwarded to the NOWA Computer Centre by the Naval Headquarters. All these were as a result of the proposals that I had written to the Naval Headquarters and had put in so much effort in follow up and I was sure Naval Authorities had paid for their staff trainings.”
“When her husband retired in August 2005 as chief of naval staff. She approached me and asked that I come along with her family and serve as a Personal Assistant, PA. At first I didn’t like the offer but she gave me all assurances that she will not disappoint me this time. She said I had proven myself as a faithful servant. She even confessed to my honesty and my being a real born again child of God whom she had fallen in love with.”
“I was saddled with the responsibility of running their home and overseeing to the day-to-day running of her Petrol Station. The first month she gave me N30,000 which I considered a kind gesture. Few months later, I discovered that the Filling Station had difficulties with capital to buy all the petroleum products and hence could not function to its full capacity. She mentioned the idea of putting up the Petrol Station for sale; I personally discouraged her from selling it and told her that I could secure some facilities from a bank to run the Filling Station. It took me over three months of concerted efforts to get the necessary papers ready to secure the facility, but eventually I succeeded.”
“When I was overseeing the Service Station, the Cheque Books of the company were in my custody. Afolayan would always sign the cheques from the first to the last leaf. Since they were crossed cheques, she would open the cheques in case we needed cash to facilitate some transactions on behalf of the company and these were entrusted to me and I was never found wanting. On several occasions, she sent me on errands with thousands of dollars to carry out one transaction or the other on her behalf, buy jewelleries for her and I have never for once erred in any way.”
“All the while I served them; I was living with my family in a house I had built at Lugbe Airport Road, FCT, from proceeds of my business centre and computer training Institute. September 2006, I was a victim of the Nasir El-Rufai demolition saga where my house was demolished. I approached Treasure and explained my plight to her and she asked what I intended to do. I told her I was about to purchase a piece of land around Lugbe Federal Housing Estate after selling some of my stocks which I invested in form of money I had made while working at the Office of the Vice President at Aso Rock Villa. She told me that I should choose between two lands that she had at Gwagwalada and Kuje. I told her I would prefer the Kuje land because it was closer to the city. She said I should share the land into two and build on the other half and leave the other half for her. She also asked me to move into her family house at Maitama, Abuja, with my family while my building project lasted. I did exactly as she had instructed me to do. When she made those offers to me, we were in her bedroom in the presence of her husband, Samuel Afolayan, a Vice Admiral, Rtd. I got to the house and tested the generator to confirm that it could indeed power air conditioners.”
“We lived there before my family and I were involved in a ghastly motor accident. Medical personnel told me that I had sustained a compound fracture on my left hand and elbow. The Radius and Ulna bones were totally shattered and I was told that I needed a total elbow replacement since this could not be done at the National Hospital, Abuja. I went in search of orthopaedic specialists in Bima Orthopaedic Hospital, Jos, Plateau State, Surgery in Kano and a private hospital in Lagos at a cost of N1.8 million and N2.5 million naira.”
“After my trip to these places, I sent my wife along with all my X-rays to see Admiral Afolayan at his village in Osi, Kwara State, and told him how much was required for my surgery. My wife later reported that Afolayan was so gracious to us after he saw the X-rays; he went into his bedroom and came out with the sum of N200,000 which he handed over to her. When my wife returned to Abuja, Treasure had travelled to London the same day and all attempts to reach her proved abortive.
“Eventually, I reached her on phone and told her to help us thank her husband for his magnanimity. She was angry. She was furious that my wife went to see her husband to assist us without her consent and she said to us all sort of things. That was the beginning of my problem with her.”
“My wife later came to inform me that some people wanted to see me. They informed me that they had come at the instance of Admiral Afolayan, that he sent his apologies because the laptop his wife accused me of stealing had been found and the Admiral wants to have an audience with me”.
“At first, I didn’t want to follow them to his house at Maitama, but my mother convinced me to go and hear the man. On getting there, we were told that he had gone out with a friend, so we had to wait for over three hours before he came back.”
“When I saw him, I explained to him all the trauma we had passed through, showed him all the X-rays and he specifically asked how much it would cost I told him and I also seized the opportunity to show him the picture of my completed house and thanked him and his family for standing by us when our house was demolished by giving us a roof over our heads. He acknowledged my thanks and he apologized on behalf of his wife.
“We got back home and continued our search for funds for our surgery all to no avail. Since I had spent all my life’s savings on building that house, I didn’t have a dime and all friends and well wishers had by this time gotten tired and left us to our plight. I tried several options to get the money for our surgery, from bank loan, loan from friends and even from the church where I fellowshipped but all to no avail”.
“It was then that I took the most painful decision: to sell my property to enable me to raise money for my surgery and that of my seven year old boy Favour who had broken glasses in the eyes and all over his face. He couldn’t sleep but was always crying in agony. It took another one month before I eventually got a buyer for the property. The person who bought the house even after paying for it because he saw my situation, had compassion on me and my family and said we could remain there for as long as we wanted until after the surgeries and our recovery.”
I finally moved out of the property I had sold in November 2007 to give way for the buyer to move in. At this time I had expended almost every kobo the sale of this property had generated. I had no option than to seek for an affordable accommodation at Mararaba Village near Abuja where I got an apartment for as little as N150,000 and opted to start life afresh.”
“Treasure later traced two of my younger brothers whom I had rented a place for at Kuje and arrested them including my in-law with the help of some Naval officers attached to her husband and took them to her family house at No. 4, Missouri Street, Maitama Abuja and my brothers were beaten mercilessly and kept in custody in her family house for over one week.”
“Robinson, a pastor, close family friend who tried to intervene but Treasure could only release my brothers when I surfaced. The pastor later reached me by phone and explained everything to me. Because I was in Enugu State attending to my child I requested to speak with Treasure. She expressed anger that my brothers had confessed to her that I had sold the house I built. I told her that was the prize I had to pay to afford surgery bills for my son and me.”
“Treasure accused me of telling lies fearing that I might have sold the Gwagwalada land if I can have the guts to sale a house that I built. She said until she gets the papers or I surfaced, my younger brothers would remain in custody in her house. I told her to let me consult with a friend who luckily was able to collect the Acknowledgement paper from Abuja Geology Institute, AGIS, on my behalf. I directed him to take the paper to Robinson. I also called my landlord then who was an army officer, Ayuba and begged him to accompany the Robinson to see Treasure and deliver the Gwagwalada land paper.”
“To my surprise they called me when they were at her Maitama residence to say that Madam said I must pay her for the Land she offered me to build on at Kuje when my house was being demolished in 2006. I seized that opportunity to remind Treasure of how I had also served her organization, NOWA, and her family for years without any salary. She became furious but later had to calm down and we were reconciled. In February 2008, she spoke on phone with each and every member of my family and apologized for the pain she had caused us and said that it was because she was angry and that she wouldn’t mind my coming back to work with her because things were never the same after I left and that even she couldn’t rely on anyone like me. That she couldn’t look my children in the face and bring any harm to me and my family.”
“On Tuesday, April 27 this year, my children; Favour and Marvel returned from school and informed me that they had seen a young man identified as Kelechi who was in their school that day for only God knows whatever reason and that he had called their names and told them that he would see them later. The next morning, my children reminded me that I had promised to show them pictures of all the young men who lived in Admiral Afolayan’s compound in Abuja so that they would identify the person they saw. I picked up my Laptop and downloaded pictures of all the young men and my children identified the person who was at their school as Kelechi who is well known to them.”
“Normally I don’t allow my kids to take their mobile phones to school, but that day because I’d given my son Favour their school fees to deliver to their Headmaster, I gave him the liberty of taking his phone to school so that I could call him when he gets to school and speak to his Headmaster to confirm if he has delivered the money and also inform the Headmaster that my kids should always deliver the keys to their bicycles to him on arrival at school and get it back only after closing hours, because they ride to school on their bicycles.”
“At 10:30 am that day while on my way to Kano I received a telephone call from my children’s Headmaster that a certain woman had come to the school armed with naval officers to carry my children from school. I immediately, put a call through to my son Favour’s phone and he picked it and he answered, obviously some one had collected the phone from my child. After that all attempts to reach him on that phone proved abortive as my phone said the number is switched off. I became very worried and I called my wife and asked where she was and she said she had gone out of the house to get some stuff. I alerted her that our kids had been kidnapped and that she should rush to the school and find out from the Headmaster which woman had come to the school to whisk our kids away. She rushed to the school gate but couldn’t find any one to give her proper briefing. She rushed back to the house and the kids were not home. She became confused and started running up and down our estate. I later discovered that it was Treasure who came to my children’s school with armed naval Officers to kidnap my children.”
“I called Admiral Afolayan and pleaded with him to ask his wife to release my family and then we can talk things over whatever the grievances she had with me. But he blamed me for not informing him all these years and that he does not involve himself in other people’s affairs. My wife and children were later detained at the Gwagwalada Police Station in their school Uniforms. The following morning the Inspector Crime at Gwagwalada Police Station called me and advised that I should call Treasure and plead with her since I’m not in town before my children would be released.”
“I called her she said she wanted me to pay her N3 million for the land she had voluntarily given me years ago. I told her I didn’t have any money for now and that as I was talking to her I was supposed to go for surgery to remove the iron in-plants that were placed in my hand almost three years ago, because there are more than 15 screws in my hand. I begged her to kindly release my wife and kids but she refused. She said I should know that she is a business woman and since I don’t have money I should come and meet her so that we can use Naval Officers to intimidate the man who bought the property from me because according to her findings, I had sold the property at a give away prize because of my predicament then. She argued that she sent Valuers to my house and they had informed her that the property has appreciated to about N7 million to N8 million.”
“I told her I cannot pay that man with evil as a Christian, because even though the man is a Muslim, when my Christian brothers and sisters abandoned me to my predicament, this man came, bought the house and allowed me to stay in that house with my family for months. I had to virtually beg this man to come and collect the documents for the house and even at that he didn’t come. I had to send the document to him through my brother and because of this I can’t be a party to any scheme to bring discomfort to this man’s life.”
“Treasure said no way that I must report to the Navy or the Police otherwise my wife would languish in jail. She boasted that I know her husband can talk to the current Chief of Naval Staff and the Inspector General of Police and I will go to jail. She keeps threatening my life and that of my family. In a civilized society, people in my situation deserve rehabilitation and even resettlement but here I am facing an oppressive woman who is demanding for my head and that of innocent members of my family.”
Midalah’s story has generated a lot of reactions. Stella Akinyemi, a lawyer described Treasure as a Jezebel. “She should be charged for kidnapping. Even if the land is worth N100 million, it is not up to the value of the lives of the children.”
Ibuchukwu Ezike, a comrade and Acting Executive Director of Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, expressed disgust at the lawlessness of Treasure, when he said “If suspect is found culpable, the law must take its course. No person, no matter how highly placed should face the music. The human right commission should get involved in this matter. The civil society and the National Assembly should be involved. The issue of Uzoma Okere, the lady that was abused by a Naval Officer not long ago, ought to serve as lesson to these law enforcement agencies. Those persons involved in this inhuman treatment on Midalah should be prosecuted. The President was elected on the premise of the law. The CLO says all those involved should be investigated and prosecuted, no matter their connection.”
Many civil society groups are now pressing for the trial and prosecution of Treasure for assault, breach of fundamental human rights and death threat on the Midalah family.
Efforts to get the reaction of Treasure at press time proved abortive.

Culled from Scroll Magazine.

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  1. Irimiya Ajiya says:

    We appreciate publishers like you who are ready to fight for the right of the down trodden in the society. All hands should be on deck to make sure Treasure Afolayan faces criminal charges for kidnapping these children from the comfort of their school and bundling them along with their bicycles to a Police Station and also the wife, Mrs. Paulynn Midalah who had no arrangement whatsoever with Treasure Afolayan and therefore had nothing to do with the matter in question, because there is no law whether local or international that says someone could take peoples kids or wife or brother in place of that person for whatsoever disagreement.

    For all these crimes, the National Assembly must rise up to the occasion and the Naval and Police Authorities must bring the Officers involved in this matter to book; they must all be prosecuted.


  2. The woman is very heartless n he does not have the fear of god


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