President Jonathan’s facebook page has been generating quite a lot of controversies in recent time. One of those is an article written by a 21 year- old Nigerian medical student based in America a copy of which was made available to Destination Nigeria– Nina Ahmed. Nina had argued that the president’s facebook page is decietful.

Today, online readers at http://www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com disagreed over the same issue. Mena one of the readers is of the opinion that even though facebook may have some positive aspects . He warned that our president may soon be addicted to the social media outfit.
This argument may have seemingly angered another reader who goes by the name Pround Nigerian as a result, He immediately resorted to name calling.

‘kiky u are a sinner!!! its very possible the man cannot speak well but can write well instead! @mena nobody said he will personally read every single comment and like u said he is waay to busy and certainly too mature to become addicted to fb! fb will not stop him from doing his job, if obama can be on twitter why cant jonathan be on fb? and yes his page will most likely be filled with nigerians in the diaspora but i feel its important for them to reach out to the president too, as they have more experience on how things are done better in other nations. I think its an excellent move by jonathan and I hope he continues to try his best to hear the voice of his people, this is where all other nigerian politicians have previously failed’

Then Mena fires back:

‘you mightnotice that on the positive aspects of this development, we made similar points.

However just as there are good and bad sides to ANY development, I have identified what I think will be the bad sides and my criticism still stands,as it still reasonable. Your comments has not refuted my position unless you want to apply ‘sentiments’. I lack the patience for that.

If he said he is personally reading comments, even singling out some names? why should I doubt him? or do you have the proof that he is NOT doing as he said? Comments dont jump at you, you have to read a lot of them before picking the one that makes sense. Thats how some clowns uploaded porn as well as fetish pictures. If minions were monitoring the page, how come it took so long for it to be deleted? Thank God it was eventually removed.

Facebook and other websites are the latest tool for publicity in Naija politics, and several public officers are gaining massive support by their actions in there. Nasir El Rufai is one example.If you see the hits his updates get, and from seriously well heeled Nigerians at that. Its incredible.

Others are gathering negative publicity with all manner of innuendos abt sexual perversion Two notable politicians springs to my mind, but lets leave matter abeg.

LOL@ comparing our presido to Obama, a legally elected president that got his mandate on the back of aggressive internet campaign powered by sustainable, constant power supply and open communication etc etc.Unlike G.J, Obama actually owes it to his constituents to appear accessible as well as to use the same medium as well as mandate that brought him power. Mind you, the opposition are seriously citicising his methods as well as some of his decisions.

See how merits and demerits works?

Coming to our country,lets face the bitter truth about ourselves; wey de light presido wan use to reach 150mil naija talkless of internet connection? which mandate put am there cus thats where his loyalties lie! why e be say na wen elections don near hin don decide to dey open? whats up with madam patience and all the other big big theif (chief) who were fingered for corruption? What happened to those cases and why arent they ‘open for discussion?’
Abeg, make una no dey make pelzin laff bo. My comment still stands. INFS’

Source: www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com

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  1. What would you have him do? Gimmick or not. This is the first time that we have a President that people ”however few’ can really relate with and react to. I give him kudo’s for even being able to embrace technology like this. I wonder if IBB or Buhari or Atiku or some of the others can handle a computer talk less of relating to the masses in a shared opinion or debate scenario….. Give the man a chance to express himself somewhere in his words his heart and intentions for the country will be revealed… If he decides to run im all for it too… We need a change in Nigeria.. GEJ is indeed a change!!!


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