President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday joined the popular global social network, Facebook, in line with his earlier promise to broaden his outreach with Nigerians.

The president joined with the name ‘Goodluck Jonathan’, and received thousands of requests by those wanting to link up with him, following which he confirmed over 5,000 requests and immediately began interacting with Nigerians in both Nigeria and the Diaspora.

Announcing his entry, Jonathan posted, “Today, in fulfillment of the promise I made at the 26th Convocation of the University of Port Harcourt on Saturday, 15 May, 2010, I have created a Facebook fan page to interact with Nigerians. As I said on that day, there is an unchallengeable power of good in the Nigerian nation and her youth and through this medium I want Nigerians to give me the privilege of relating with them without the trappings of office.

“It is not about who will change Nigeria. It is how we can change her instead. Nigeria is the sum of our thoughts and actions. I’ve trained myself not to think anything but positive thoughts about this great country of ours since God and the people of Nigeria gave me the opportunity to serve.”

The major issues that were tabled before the president by his “friends” were mainly on the need to revive the electricity sector of the country.

• According to one of them, Alicemary Iyoho: “Constant electricity will go a long way in solving most of our country’s issues. Small businesses will be able to thrive better without the constant expense drain on personal power generation; big corporations will not be left out, also, the operating costs will be drastically reduced; not to mention foreign investors being discouraged by this situation. Mr. President, resolve this power issue once and for all and you will have the undying support and gratitude of your people.

“We have never believed that it’s an impossible feat; we know that greedy people that gain from this sad position of things are preventing any major solution. We believe you are different and will not allow yourself to be compromised in your quest to resolve this. God bless you and give you the wisdom to lead.”

• Said For Sarumi Olakunle: “Your Excellency; this is not a sycophantic speech! You have really proved beyond any reasonable doubt that you are the hope for Nigeria and the right leader at present. Please keep depending on God’s grace in every of your endeavours, and He will always direct your path. My view on the topic before me is that a true privatisation policy should be employed, not the type Nigeria had during Obasanjo regime that gave us a setback.

“As an economist, any economy that must grow will be the one that her private sector has the larger share of the market control. What I mean by this is that there should be privatisation of our power sector just like what we had in Communication sector; NITEL issue is an unfortunate thing, and Nigerians will never forgive Mr. Obasanjo for this. But I trust you and I know the great people of Nigeria do. Please see this as a great challenge and take urgent action. When we take care of this, issues like capital flight, high rate of unemployment, high rate of crime, low productivity and even low rate of economic indices would be taken care of.

“If you can achieve this, I’m sure our votes for you in 2011 would be automatic. Set your mind on achieving it, and believe that with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

• Henry Dagyeng: “The one thing that can affect the lives of every Nigerian is electricity. If as president this is all you ensure is made available to Nigerians, you will never walk or stand alone. The one and sure way of doing this is the invitation of private sector in the business, as a suggestion PHCN should be disbanded into units and sold to private hands. There is no doubt that Nigerians all over the world have the technical expertise to execute these projects once there is a political commitment.

“I wish to state that it is a common knowledge that about $1m is required for the generation 1MW of electricity, anything more than that would be sabotage. Get us electricity and you would be surprised about the positive multiplier effects in a short time. Cheers.”

• Nwogu Emmanuel Nnadi: “Your Excellency, you know that electricity is the most expensive sector and challenging. There are ways you can tackle it. I heard u say in the live interview of totally privatizing the generation and distribution sector. I agree with your idea. I did my industrial training in the power generation station at Afam and observed something when I was through and went to the private company for another training.”

“Your Excellency, trying to attain a 10,000MW power generation is one thing, maintaining it is another. Go back to PHCN profile, find out about those who performed greatly, ask for their statements to be submitted to you. Sir, you would be shocked at your discovery. Even if the government wants to handle it.

• Felix Feelix: “I believe if Mr. President performs excellently his achievement will campaign for him come 2011. We have been hearing promises upon promises without result. These few months should be a litmus test for him to convince the people that he means business. God has ordained you to be the president try and justify the trust and perform. He should remove the redundant ministers that will be a clog in the will of progress, replace them with a goal getter, we still have people like Ribadu, El-Rufai that can deliver come what may. Nigerians need result and the time is now. God Bless Nigeria.”

• Gambo Suleiman Haruna: “Don’t be deceived by greedy and selfish politicians that are calling you to contest the 2011 election. Just do the most honourable thing conduct the freest and the most credible election and wait for God’s time…you will surely return to the seat of power if God wishes. I hope you will have patient and good luck will be with you.”

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  1. Mr. President should sit down and work and stop all these things his doing. Open facebook is not in any way part of solution to Nigerian problems. Let the people see the phiscal things you are doing. Just like in Lagos that Governor Fashola face the issue of environment and security squarely. He (Fashola) did not open any facebook before the impact is being felt. Please your Excellency, let your action speaks for you. We all love you and appreciate your intention thus far.


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