We at Intersociety are finally vindicated over recent fears expressed by our Organization that every indication pointed to the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan is searching for an amenable person, a willing tool for that matter, as the new INEC boss. The announcement and confirmation of Prof. Attahiru Jega, a well-known consultant to Prof. Iwu’s INEC, and his close ally, did not come to us as a surprise. When Prof. Jega was ASUU President, Prof. Iwu was his deputy, and when Prof. Iwu became INEC boss, he reportedly made Jega an INEC consultant, which he reportedly remained till date. This latest Presidential blunder has put paid to the perceived shallow promises and assurances, emanating from the President to the effect that the 2011 elections would be credible, and that the new INEC boss would be a highly revered person, who would be widely acceptable to Nigerians, only for the same President to settle for an alleged accomplice in the Iwu’s electoral crimes of unpardonable proportion. During Iwu’s chairmanship of INEC, in which the new INEC boss served as a consultant, Nigerians experienced the worst electoral administration since 1960. Where then lies the promises and assurances by the President at local and international fora regarding credible elections in 2011?

The raw truth is that Nigeria and Nigerians as well as the international community should not fold their hands, waiting for the President and his team to deliver, because, from every indication, they have nothing to offer, with respect to credible elections. As a matter of fact, another chief election rigger has just been recruited. Everything around Prof. Jega does not portray him as the Nigeria’s next messianic electoral umpire.

Also, his preference of INEC job instead of his current BUK vice-chancellorship is suspect, and it is a total indication of his perceived utter zeal for juicy gains, from dirty job to be well-done. If no hidden agenda is so attached, Prof. Attahiru Jega would not have forgone his BUK vice-chancellorship for INEC chairmanship.

Let it also be firmly noted that Prof. Jega is not the nominee of the mainstream Nigerian Civil Society or Human Rights Community, so that in the event of his much expected failures, we shall not be held liable. Except Nigerians and their international friends rise up and force the Presidency and its new amenable INEC leadership to midwife free and fair elections, otherwise, the 2011 elections will be seconded only to the 2007 armada of electoral fraud, if not worse than that. With this discredited appointment of INEC boss, President Jonathan has missed a golden opportunity to prove the electoral reformers wrong to the effect that his appointing powers over INEC helmsman cannot be perpetually abused, by appointing a stooge or a surrogate to that very important position.
Emeka Umeagbalasi
Board of Trustees
International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law

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